Canon PowerShot SX700 HS Compact Camera

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Key Features

  • 16MP 1/2.3" BSI-CMOS sensor
  • 25-750mm F3.2-6.9 equivalent lens with optical image stabilization (30x optical zoom)
  • ISO 100-3200
  • 3" fixed LCD with 922,000 dots
  • Up to 9 FPS continuous shooting
  • Creative Shot, Smart Auto + PSAM and more shooting modes
  • 1080/60p, 30p HD video (H.264)
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC memory
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC

Product Description

The PowerShot SX700 is a travel zoom compact camera, featuring a 25-750mm equivalent F3.2-6.9 lens and the company's latest DIGIC 6 processor. The SX700 has all of Canon's automatic and scene modes, but also includes PSAM manual exposure control modes for those who want a little more control. Wi-Fi and NFC are built in for simple wireless image sharing with a compatible smartphone. For photographers who get frustrated composing photos at long telephoto focal lengths, the SX700 includes a Zoom Framing Assist function that lets you quickly back out, recompose, and return to where you were. The camera also records high-quality 1080p/60p Full HD video through a dedicated movie button.

Questions & Answers


Does Canon SX700 HS have the same battery issue when shooting video that SX280 HS has?

Hi there! I'm planning to buy a new travel zoom camera, and I'm in doubt between Canon SX700 HS and Panasonic Lumix ZS 40. I've read a lot of reviews and watched a lot of comparative videos, and I'm thinking about getting the SX-700 HS (mainly because this one is less expensive). My main goal is to have a powerful travel zoom camera to take photo stills, but I'm also very interested in video capability. My main concern is about the known battery issue that the SX-280 HS has when shooting videos. My concern is that this battery issue may still exists in SX-700 HS. Anyone has already shot some videos with SX-700 HS to experience how battery life does when shooting videos? Thanks in advance!

Andreluisp asked
2 days ago


I had the same question when I bought mine and can happily confirm that the video/battery problem has been fixed.  I've taken numerous videos ranging from several seconds to several minutes and have seen none of the old low battery/shutdown issues I had with my SX280.  It's a very nice pocket zoom camera with nice colors and image quality for a p&s. I'm very pleased with it!  I've attached a sample shot from my recent trip to Miami Beach. Continue Reading

UncleG answered
2 days ago

Great news!! Thanks a lot for the reply. I just needed this confirmation to get one. By the way, nice colors and sharp picture! Thanks! Continue Reading

Andreluisp answered
23 hours ago

Fortunately, the SX700 does not have the video battery problem. Continue Reading

MarioV answered
1 day ago



Battery life on SX700?  Is there any improvement regarding SX270/280 ?? Is battery on SX700 better..worse..same???

SHULE asked
10 days ago


Much improved.  There is no issue. Continue Reading

MarioV answered
10 days ago

Thanx Mario, This was helpful. Continue Reading

SHULE answered
6 hours ago


Canon sx700 vs sx280 - extra zoom worth upgrading?

Hi, my first post here, though heavy reader. I see the Canon PowerShot sx280 HS is available for $188. So is it worth spending $349 to get the newer, so-called successor sx700? My thoughts after much research: GPS For me, GPS (on the outgoing sx280, and missing on the newer sx700) would be nice to have, though not a deal breaker. Zoom The biggest attraction for the upgrade for me is the extra zoom - 30x (on the new sx700) instead of 20x (sx280). Is the extra zoom really worth it or even usable? I can only judge based on some Japanese sample videos of the sx700 on YouTube. Image quality Difficult for me to judge this one. Anybody? I like straight out of the camera, punchy photos. Don't shoot me! Low light performance This is important to me because I hate using a flash on a small camera like this. Battery life The sx700 is stated as 40 shots longer in battery life. Is the sx280 with newer firmware update still a risky purchase for battery life? I'm not too fussed about the lack of ...

intangible asked
1 month ago


Intangible, I ordered a SX280 HS last November and soon found out about the battery problem . I just didn't had it in video mode alone but also in picture mode! I sent the camera back to a service station, but they couldn't find any errors. They instead installed the latest firmware update again (which I already did before), but no difference. After a few shots the camera turned off without any warning or just couldn't get turned on. Full loaded battery, but message means: "Replace battery". I was thinking about getting another SX280 from a later charge with a newer serial number, but I cannot trust this model anymore. Two weeks ago I sent the camera back to the shop and got my money back. I am now awaiting the SX700. Regarding GPS : You can connect to GPS via Smartphone, while you're on a trip. It means "a step more", but on the other hand it eats less battery on your Smartphone than a camera build in GPS system (at least that's the case with my S4 min). Zoom and Image quality : I ... Continue Reading

SchweizerSchoggi answered
1 month ago

Hi, I'm exactly in the same state of mind. Does it worth about 140$? I can't tell. Thanks to the comment above we can have a glance on it. SX700 seems better (of course! ^^) Battery issue is really scaring to me. But 140$ let me think about this... Hope I'll find an answer! Continue Reading

Wudz answered
25 days ago

I upgraded from the SX280 to the SX700 and I'm so glad I did. I never had the battery problems with my SX280 that so many said they had with their SX280. The 30X zoom of the SX700 is wonderful. AF is great and image quality is, I feel, somewhat better with the SX700. Here is a photo I made with the SX700 at quite a distance at 30X zoom. It's the statue of Justice atop the dome on New York City Hall in Manhattan. Continue Reading

JWIS206 answered
22 days ago

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