Fujifilm FinePix S1 Compact Camera

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Key Features

  • 16.4MP 2/3"-type CMOS sensor
  • 24-1200mm F2.8-5.6 equivalent lens (50x optical zoom) with optical image
  • stabilization
  • Up to 10 frames per second continuous shooting
  • ISO 100-3200 expandable to 12,800
  • 1080/60i HD video (MOV/H.264)
  • 3.0 inch vari-angle LCD with 920,000 dots
  • Electronic viewfinder with 920,000 dots
  • Water and dust resistant
  • PSAM + scene modes
  • Raw and Raw+JPEG shooting
  • Built-in flash and hot shoe
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for image transfer, geotagging, and remote camera control
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot

Product Description

The FinePix S1 is the world’s first “weather resistant” super zoom bridge camera and provides protection against rain and dust. The S1 features a 16MP CMOS sensor, and a bright 50x super zoom 24-1200mm F2.8-5.6 lens with ultra-fast zoom speed and 2x Intelligent Digital Zoom up to 100x. The high resolution and contrast Vari-Angle 3” LCD (920K dot) makes it easy to frame shots from any angle, and the 0.2” EVF (920K dot) is great for difficult shooting conditions. One-touch WiFi connectivity lets you easily share images to your smartphone or tablet – pictures that these devices cannot capture - and remote shooting via smartphone or tablet using the Fujifilm Camera Remote app for unique capture opportunities.

Questions & Answers


finepix S1, is a HS50 or SL1000 successor? are you expecting for a HS60?

Hello everybody I have a question from noob in fujiflm, is the finepix S1 following the HS50 or SL1000? you expect a HS60 for this year ? thanks and sorry for the bad English

tomasson88 asked
2 months ago


We'll see what  Fuji shows as the year goes on, but no one here is going to call it an HS-50 successor.  Not with a motorized zoom.  It's a flagship for the S series.  I think most of us are hoping this is not the end of the manual zoom bridge cameras.  That's the big thing that separates Fuji from everyone else. Continue Reading

geoson answered
2 months ago

I think s1 is the new sl1000 or should I say toy zoom competitor . I have a feeling the hs series is coming to an end with a new xtrans super zoom in the very near future. Pos sept this year. By the way this is just my opinion but we can all hope. Continue Reading

labe answered
2 months ago

I'm not exactly sure what you're saying. Is it that you think that Fuji isn't abandoning mechanical zoom bridge cameras, but will introduce one without an EXR sensor (either X-Trans, like in the X-E1 and X-M1 or Bayer, like in the X-A1) and will name it without the HS designation? I think that such a camera could simply be called an "HS60" if it has a Bayer sensor, similar to the HS10 which also didn't have an EXR sensor, or HS-X60 if it has an X-Trans sensor. Or maybe you meant something else? Continue Reading

photoreddi answered
2 months ago


Where is the positioning of Sony color, with one side Canon and on the other Lumix

I had a Lumix lx3 with cold colors, and after a Canon S100 with more pleasant colors to .... my eyes. I'm wondering what colors come out of Sony RX100 and RX100 II. I will appreciate an answer to this! Paolo

forzanopaolo asked
2 months ago


Paolo, Of course, we are talking about "JPEG color" here -- with RAW, you presumably "paint whatever color you want." But most certainly, "JPEG color" has been the bane of my existence for about the past decade, so I've got some definite opinions. There are a couple of points I would like to begin with: I virtually won't touch another Panasonic camera again -- I don't know if you want to call the LX3's color "warm" or "cool," but mainly, it's just often just plain WRONG. You can go back in the Panasonic forum to when it was first released, and see my comments along with those from many other folks, who tried to tackle its color. From neon turquoise skies to reds that were NEVER anywhere close to reality, it was just "color from another planet" as far as I was concerned. And I just can't say that there is anything resembling "Sony color" -- I've seen it change from camera to camera to camera. Most likely, it's really "from BIONZ processor to BIONZ processor" over the years. I have ... Continue Reading

Tom Hoots answered
2 months ago

this is out of the camera jpg, Continue Reading

powerbook duo answered
2 months ago

I would put the RX100ii a little closer to the Lumix side but fairly natural-looking.  I have Canon, have had Lumix cameras, and currently have the RX100ii.  Cathy H. Continue Reading

cathyph1 answered
2 months ago


P600 vs Fuji S1?

I've had my eyes on the announced Fuji S1 http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n140106_03.html and just this Nikon P600 announcement today. This one is being released earlier that the Fuji. which I have pre-ordered on B&H. I am very interested to see how this compares to the Fuji. The price is identical. I think one of these two will be a good compliment to the Fuji x100s for an upcoming trip to Hawaii. Looks like I will have a tough choice ahead of me.

2 months ago


if they made less super-zoom, like 24-800mm, but put better glass in the lens, I would be happier. for hand-held tele-1440mm shooting, the no-blurring ratio could be very low. ;-) Continue Reading

yudi answered
2 months ago

The lack of raw is a killer for me. I didn't pick up on that. I shoot raw exclusively (although I am starting to use raw+jpg on the x100s, but that's another story) and with these smaller sensors, it helps pull out as much data as possible from an image. Thanks for pointing that out. — Tony Canon EOS 5D Mark III :: Canon EOS 7D :: Canon EOS 30D :: Canon S95 :: Fuji x100s :: GoPro HERO2 Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS :: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens :: Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L :: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM :: Tokina 12-24mm f/4 AT-X Pro DX II Continue Reading

2 months ago

The P600 EVF is 201k dots, vs. 920k for the S1. (HS50EXR EVF is very nice.) If one prefers using the VF for shooting, this may also impact selection. Continue Reading

Craig R K answered
2 months ago

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