Fujifilm XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS Lens

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Key Features

  • 10-24mm focal length
  • 15-36mm equivalent focal length on APS-C cameras
  • F4 constant maximum aperture; F22 minimum
  • Optical image stabilization
  • 72mm filter thread
  • 0.5 m / 39.37" minimum focus
  • 7 rounded aperture blades
  • Fujifilm X mount for X series interchangeable lens cameras

Product Description

The Fujifilm XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS is a premium ultra-wideangle lens for the company's X system mirrorless cameras. It offers an angle of view equivalent to 15-36mm on full frame, and incorporates optical image stabilization to reduce blur at slow shutter speeds when shooting hand-held. It has an aperture control ring on the barrel, and is also compatible with the company's Lens Modulation Optimizer function that promises more detail in out-of-camera JPEG images, especially when shooting at small apertures.


Principal specifications
Lens type Zoom lens
Max Format size APS-C / DX
Focal length 10–24 mm
Image stabilisation Yes
Lens mount Fujifilm X
Maximum aperture F4.0
Minimum aperture F22.0
Aperture ring Yes
Number of diaphragm blades 7
Aperture notes Rounded
Elements 14
Groups 10
Special elements / coatings 4 aspherical elements, 3 extra low dispersion glass elements
Minimum focus 0.24 m (9.45)
Maximum magnification 0.16×
Autofocus Yes
Motor type Stepper motor
Full time manual Yes
Focus method Internal
Distance scale No
DoF scale No
Weight 410 g (0.90 lb)
Diameter 78 mm (3.07)
Length 87 mm (3.43)
Materials Metal barrel, metal mount
Zoom method Rotary (internal)
Filter thread 72 mm
Filter notes Does not rotate on focusing
Hood supplied Yes


User Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
  • KennyXYZ, Apr 7, 2014 GMT:
    Fujifilm XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS

    First off I am still a beginner when it comes to interchangeable lens photography. This is my first lens other than the kit lens that I bought. I needed another lens other than my 18-55 because I found that a lot of times I couldn't get everything I wanted in the frame. I was going to get the 14 but after seeing some sample pics of the 10-24 I convinced myself that that was what I wanted. I've since used the 10-24 to take about 50 pics so far and to my eye the image quality is even better ...

    Continue Reading

Questions & Answers


Wide angle lens decisions...

Hi all! I asked a fairly similar question a week or two ago, but wanted to ask it more specifically here. I just bought the fuji xt1 with the 18-55. Now it's time to decide on a wide angle lens, which I know that I want! Anyways, I have it narrowed down to the fuji 10-24mm and the zeiss touit 12mm. 10-24 + Because I will be traveling with this quite a bit, the larger range would allow me to stick it on the camera and cover more scenarios than being limited to the prime's length (I'm actually a newbie when it comes to primes...I know, I know...you can crop it) + It's wider - It's quite a bit pricier - It's quite a bit heavier/bulkier - 1 fstop difference (-) slight distortion, but since I shoot jpegs, I am not really involving this in my decision... For the 12mm, essentially the opposite. As it may seem, I WANT to go with the 12mm (mainly for the cost/size savings), but that extra range of the 10-24mm makes me question myself. Anyone have any thoughts?? By the way, not interested in ...

rcf123 asked
3 months ago


I shot with the 18-55, mostly at 24mm to 35 and at f4, but really needed a wide that held sharpness across the frame, I found the 18-55 at 18mm a little soft in most cases even at optimal apertures. I really didn't know how soft the 18-55 was at 18mm until the XF 14mm prime arrived. Now, I am a prime shooter from way back to my original Pentax LX, even then I carried the 18, 28, 50 + 100 and 200. Lot's of gear. But I never had a zoom until the XF 18-55. I loved it, I loved the IS and the relative image quality compared to the competition's "Kit Lenses", but I do Landscape and a lot of it. I looked at the 12 Tout but on a test drive it was just too stretched for what I needed. The XF 10-24 when I mounted it on in Paris was HUGE and cumbersome! The 14 seemed to cover my WA range perfectly and was smaller and significantly lighter than the zooms. I am 18 months out of 24 in Europe and every corner is a Kodak moment but stand-off is minimal in most circumstances and subjects are very ... Continue Reading

umanemo answered
3 months ago

This is the only advantage to me, and I will recognize pretty quickly that UWA to 35mm with a flick of the wrist is VERY convenient when traveling. I used to shoot very wide like this. I ended up not caring for it. 21mm is where it's at for me (14mm on your Fuji). Wider than that, thinks look a bit gaudy in my opinion, especially when dealing with architecture. meh... True, but it won't break your shoulder. One stop is not a big deal really with modern ISO. However, on APSC, you can use all you can get for DOF control, especially on a wide lens where it is already difficult enough to get a bit of isolation. Yep. Stick to jpeg, unless you have a correction profile in post. I hate correcting for distortion. I wouldn't even consider this. Too wide and without any zoom range makes it impractical. Excuse me for speaking in FF terms, but that is what I own and am comfortable with. This is your biggest mistake here in my personal opinion. 21mm and 28mm are VERY different. If we were ... Continue Reading

TThorne answered
3 months ago

The primary factor for any reasonable lens selection, for either use or purchase, is focal length. Everything else, including budget, is secondary. Here, you're telling me you'd rather have the range of the 10-24mm, but are willing to compromise that range for the sake of the more compact 12mm, based on how much cash you would save going that route. If you need a 10mm focal length, a 12mm FL is not going to cut it. Compromising your photographic needs based on budget is never a good option. The pictures we take inevitably reflect the compromises we make. When budget becomes such a large issue we can't get around it, it's time to re-think our priorities. Photography is something we want to do, not something we have to do. When it becomes an obsessive drive that impoverishes the other aspects of our lives, it's time to join Photographers Anonymous. IMO, there is no comparison to be drawn between the Rokinon lenses and the Fujinon equivalents. The Fuji lenses are so much better in ... Continue Reading

wyldberi answered
2 months ago


Think Tank Mirrorless movers 10 for X-t1+lens?

Hello! I'm looking for some help to decide, I want to buy a small bag for a single lens + X-t1, I have the 23mm and 10-24, ideally I would like to fit the 10-24 attached the body and be able to pull the camera quickly. (I already have a bag for all gear, i'm just looking for a everyday small bag) anybody have that bag a smilinar size lens that can share a picture how it looks? Any other recomendations are welcome! Thx, Kenneth

1 month ago


I have XE-1 and two lenses the 18-55 and the 23mm. I also have a full flash attachment and accessories. I use this bag for everyday shooting and carrying (the older version - they have since updated it): http://www.timbuk2.com/snoop-slr-camera-case-messenger-bag/144.html#dwvar_144-4-6061_size%3D8%26dwvar_144-4-6061_color%3D2154 When I go travel, I use the insert from the above bag in this one: http://www.crumpler.com/au/backpacks/yee-ross They fit perfectly.   I think I can still have room for one more lense.  Either a utlra wide zoom like your 10-24 or a prime potrait.  It will be tight but it should fit everything fine.  Best of luck !! Continue Reading

CAAsnGuy answered
1 month ago

I like the Retrospect model 5 by Think Tank. I think a bag should be able to accommodate more than your camera. The 5 is flexible. Carry just your camera, but easy to expand and carry a water bottle on the outside, a windbreaker under the flap, sunglasses or small binoculars in one of the lens areas. Continue Reading

win39 answered
1 month ago

I have the Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 20. It is well built and well designed, as are all the Think Tank bags I've owned or seen. And it takes my X-T1 with one lens mounted (usually the 18-135) and one lens unmounted (usually the 55-200). Continue Reading

BobRocke answered
1 month ago


Fujifilm 10-24mm manual infinity focus has no limiter?

Hi there, I tend to focus my lenses in manual mode and recently I noticed that my 10-24mm does not seem to have an infinity focus limit. What I mean is if I turn the focus ring all towards infinity, it gets past the point where objects that are several meters in the distance (e.g. more than 200m) are in focus and everything gets out of focus. I can´t just turn the focus ring blindly to infinity and get everything is in focus. Instead, with the MF zoom assist I can see that at some point everything in infinity is focused, but if I keep turning the zoom ring, everything, no matter the distance from me, is out of focus. Auto-focus works properly, though. Does anyone else who has the 10-24mm lens has this issue with manual focus? Is it normal or is the lens perhaps defective? Thanks!

chocobanana asked
4 months ago


Autofocus lenses of any manufacturer rarely have hard infinity stops, in particular, none of the Fujifilm X lenses do. Also, the Fuji X lenses have a focus by wire systems, which means there is no machanical connection between the focus ring and the focus mechanism. They need power to be able to use them even with manual focus. Continue Reading

Peter Jonas answered
4 months ago

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