Fujifilm XF 18mm f/2.0 Lens

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Key Features

  • 18mm focal length
  • 27mm equivalent focal length on APS-C cameras
  • F2.0 maximum aperture; F16 minimum
  • 0.18m/7.09" minimum focus
  • Fujifilm X mount for X series interchangeable lens cameras

Product Description

The Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R is a 'pancake-style' lens that offers an equivalent focal length of 27mm on Fujifilm's X-series interchangeable lens cameras. One of the three prime lenses announced at the system's inception, the XF 18mm features a physical aperture ring which operates in 1/3 steps. Optical construction comprises eight elements in seven groups, including two aspherical elements. It also features a 7-bladed aperture diaphragm with rounded blades for attractive out of focus areas.


Principal specifications
Lens type Prime lens
Max Format size APS-C / DX
Focal length 18 mm
Lens mount Fujifilm X
Maximum aperture F2.0
Minimum aperture F16.0
Aperture ring Yes
Number of diaphragm blades 7
Aperture notes rounded
Elements 8
Groups 7
Special elements / coatings 2 aspherical element
Minimum focus 0.18 m (7.09)
Maximum magnification 0.14×
Autofocus Yes
Full time manual Unknown
Weight 116 g (0.26 lb)
Diameter 65 mm (2.56)
Length 41 mm (1.61)


User Reviews

  • Kokeen4231, Oct 10, 2012 GMT:
    Average lens

    Is it because my expectations are high, that this lens does not impress me much. I know many ppl are willing to sell this lens away and this is one fuji lens I would not buy. I guess expectations are high when you are expected to use it with a highly priced X pro1, thus many ppl are unsatisfied. On the other hand though it is true this lens is not as favorable as fuji's 35mm f1.4, this lens is not as bad as most criticism claims. It all goes down to what you expect.

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  • Beat Traveller, Oct 31, 2013 GMT:
    A gem---

    This is my first prime lens with the X series, and it was chosen primarily to complement the small profile of the X-E1. It's hardly a pancake lens, and at best only fits in a large coat pocket; but more importantly its small enough to avoid being attention grabbing. The build quality is pretty solid. Manual focusing with fly-by-wire does feel rather slow and unrealistic compared to real manual control, but the marked aperture ring is a brilliant feature (even if it is also fly-by-wire). The ...

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  • soumya_b5, Jan 3, 2014 GMT:
    small wonder

    i use it mainly for streets. i know this lens is not edge-to-edge sharp wide open and i don't mind as i don't take landscapes with it. my use is solely people, street and portraits. and, its small size, fast focus helps me achieve nice candid photos out in streets. also it helps in indoor for the fast f/2 aperture. after firmware upgrade focusing became faster. i like my 18mm. it use it on my x-m1 and 95% of my photos are taken with this lens.

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Questions & Answers


Noisy Fuji XF 18mm

I've just bought a second hand XF 18mm lens on eBay and it seems to work great with my X-M1, but I was surprised to find that it makes quite a loud noise when focusing, both on auto and manual modes. It also makes a bit of a clicking noise when switching between shoot and preview mode. Is this a common issue on these lenses or in general? Should I return the lens or get it looked at? The seller has been great and seems very trustworthy so I don't suspect he's sent me a faulty lens. It was described as "used but fully operational and functions as intended" and listed as a refurbished model. I'm quite new to photography and this is my first prime lens to so don't have much base for comparison. Many thanks, Phil

Philxm1 asked
1 month ago


It's just a noisy lens. I don't think Fuji used an ultrasonic motor when they were building their original lenses, and the 18mm does have a very loud focus sound because they drive the motor pretty fast. Continue Reading

Beat Traveller answered
1 month ago

Thanks for the reassurance. Never heard anything like it! Continue Reading

Philxm1 answered
1 month ago

Sorry Phil, my 18 makes NO noise at all. Do you have the latest update for the camera and the lens? I wonder if this may help. Continue Reading

Bruce Gillham answered
1 month ago


Fuji 18mm f/2 and 35mm f/1.4 (or Zeiss 32mm f/1.8) vs. 23mm f/1.4?

Hi, I recently acquired a Fuji X-pro1 for a great price and I am looking at starting my kit.  I am splitting hairs over my decision on what to get to start the kit off. My first idea was to solely get the 23mm f/1.4.  I am well aware that this lens is absolutely fantastic optically as well as mechanically, and I love the depth of field scale for use of zone focusing.  I was very confident in my decision with this lens, but as I started thinking about its size, I got some cold feet, which brings me to my conundrum. The alternative kit for me would be the 18mm f/2 and either the 35mm f/1.4 or 32mm 1.8 Zeiss lens.  As far as the 18mm goes, I know that it is potentially the weakest optically from the Fuji X lens offerings, and I would use it primarily for landscapes, but I feel that the size could potentially make up for the slightly sub-par IQ.  The thing I am worried about is the high CA present on the lens for landscapes.  And as for the 50mm equivalents, I am drawn slightly more ...

Ty Madey asked
6 months ago


With the rebate I got on the 14 and 35mm Fuji's I paid much less than I would for the Zeiss lenses even with the current offer. I would need to see a clear advantage and if anything the advantage goes to Fuji for my purposes. The Fuji 35mm has a wider aperture and the Fuji 14mm has a 58mm filter thread like some other Fuji lenses I own. Continue Reading

slimandy answered
6 months ago

Your reply is confusing.  You state you quit the Nikon plus zoom system because you got tired of the size.  The Fuji 18-55 zoom is not nearly as big or heavy as a DSLR zoom of comparable quality. The XPro1 plus 18-55 would weigh probably half of what the Nikon plus zoom did. The 18-55 is roughly comparable in weight to the 23 or 56 so is not a particularly heavy lens.  Hard to imagine much disadvantage of the 18-55 vs the 18 prime other than size either especially as the zoom has OIS. As another poster suggested, the 18-55 zoom plus the 27 might serve you well. Continue Reading

IslandTractor answered
6 months ago

Not trying to talk you out of primes but as many have discovered, the 18-55 zoom is good enough that you really don't give up much especially considering the OIS. It makes particular sense as a travel lens when space is a consideration. You might peruse the various lens tests at http://www.photozone.de/fuji_x to see just how well the 18-55 compares to it's prime siblings. Continue Reading

IslandTractor answered
6 months ago


Fujifilm X-E2 18mm lens deal

Hi, There is currently a promotion in Canada from Fuji on the X-E2 camera where you can get a free 18mm prime lens if you purchase the X-E2 body only.  This is around 1000$ in Canada.  This is going to be my first SLR camera and I have never shot with only a prime lens before so my question is: Is it better to: A) Purchase the X-E2 package with the 18-55mm lens for $1200 and forfeit the current offer B) Purchase the X-E2 body only for $1000, get the free 18mm lens and then purchase the 18-55mm zoom lens? Thanks Sam

SamMalek asked
5 months ago


I have both lenses. The 18mm was my first prime, but in this case I have to say that you're not going to get value for money by buying the body only to get the 18mm and then paying an extra $700 for the zoom. The 18mm has dropped in value the most of any Fuji lens: you can probably have it for $300 these days. If you really want to zoom, get the package, because it's a much better deal than buying the zoom on its own. On the other hand, if you want to plunge into the deep end you could get the body only deal and buy a second prime like the 35mm or the 60mm. Continue Reading

Beat Traveller answered
5 months ago

$200 for the zoom is AMAZING value. The 18mm is F2, the zoom is F2.8 at 18mm but quite a bit sharper around the edges. Buy the kit with the zoom and save up for the better lenses, like the 14, 23, 27, 35, 56 or 60, all of which perform really well. The zoom is a really good starter lens with OIS and performance close to some pro zooms from Canon and Nikon. Continue Reading

57even answered
5 months ago

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