Leica M Digital Rangefinder Camera, Body Only (Silver/Black)

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Key Features

  • 24MP full frame CMOS sensor
  • 3 frames per second continuous shooting
  • Manual focus with Live View Zoom 10x magnification; Live View Focus peaking
  • ISO 100-6400
  • 1080 HD video
  • 3.0 inch LCD with 920,000 dots
  • Optical rangefinder
  • Flash hot shoe
  • Compatibility with EVF2 electronic viewfinder; handgrip-M with GPS
  • Raw and Raw +JPEG shooting
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom included

Product Description

Leica's latest M series rangefinder, the 24MP CMOS Leica M becomes the first of its rangefinders to feature live view, and offers a choice of magnified view or focus peaking for precise through-the-lens focusing, allowing Leica to promise compatibilty with R-mount lenses. It also becomes the first M capable of movie shooting - capturing 1080p footage at 25 or 24 frames per second. It includes a 920k dot LCD with smartphone-style Gorilla Glass cover, and accepts the same plug-in EVF as used by the X2.


Body type
Body type Rangefinder-style mirrorless
Max resolution 5952 x 3976
Other resolutions 4256 x 2832, 2976 x 1984, 1600 x 1080
Image ratio w:h 3:2
Effective pixels 24 megapixels
Sensor size Full frame (36 x 24 mm)
Sensor type CMOS
ISO Auto, Pull 100, 200-6400
White balance presets 6
Custom white balance Yes
Image stabilization No
Uncompressed format RAW
JPEG quality levels Fine, Standard
Optics & Focus
Digital zoom No
Manual focus Yes
Lens mount Leica M
Focal length multiplier 1×
Screen / viewfinder
Articulated LCD Fixed
Screen size 3
Screen dots 920,000
Touch screen No
Screen type TFT color LCD
Live view Yes
Viewfinder type Optical (rangefinder)
Viewfinder magnification 0.68×
Photography features
Minimum shutter speed 60 sec
Maximum shutter speed 1/4000 sec
Aperture priority Yes
Shutter priority No
Manual exposure mode Yes
Subject / scene modes No
Built-in flash No
External flash Yes (Hot-shoe)
Flash modes Front Curtain, Rear Curtain, Slow sync
Continuous drive 3 fps
Self-timer Yes (2 or 12 sec)
Metering modes
  • Center-weighted
Exposure compensation ±3 (at 1/3 EV steps)
WB Bracketing No
Videography features
Resolutions 1920 x 1080 (25,24 fps), 1280 x 720 (25, 24 fps)
Format Motion JPEG
Microphone Stereo
Speaker Mono
Storage types SD/SDHC/SDXC
Storage included None
USB USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/sec)
Remote control No
Environmentally sealed Yes
Battery Battery Pack
Battery description Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery & charger
Weight (inc. batteries) 680 g (1.50 lb / 23.99 oz)
Dimensions 139 x 80 x 42 mm (5.47 x 3.15 x 1.65)
Other features
Orientation sensor Yes
Timelapse recording No
GPS Optional


User Reviews

3.9375 out of 5 stars
  • wilsonlaidlaw, Mar 6, 2013 GMT:
    A decent advance on the M9

    Only had a morning to play with it so far but it seems a fair advance in every direction on my M9. The ability to use long lenses and an EVF will be very useful. The auto switch on/off of live view seems a bit odd and various levels and settings in menus will need playing with before it is right. The noise levels seem about 2 stops better than the M9 and the nasty clumps of chrominance noise at higher ISO's have disappeared. The only major issue at the moment is red edges on wider lenses but ...

    Continue Reading

  • Johnnie, Mar 20, 2013 GMT:
    Leica's first full frame HDSLR - is the M240 video capable?

    See the related article and video at http://www.cinema5d.com/?p=17037 Leica M type 240- video review. (Non of the written here is relevant to the photo section of this camera) Deep into the 4th year of the HDSLR revolution Leica released the M 240, their full frame camera costing $6950. Spending a day with the camera left me wondering, was Leica ever talking to any professional cameraman before implementing HD recording for this unit or just decided to “join a trend” without really meaning ...

    Continue Reading

  • Robert Judelson, May 27, 2013 GMT:
    LeicaM TYP 240

    Rather disappointing.Leica made the fun and easy to use M9( (and previous non digital Ms) complicated, cumbersome. and not fun. In fact, it's not really an M camera. In terms of results, generally speaking, I failed to notice any qualitative difference in prints; even 33 x24. I sold my M9. What a mistake.

    Continue Reading

  • Clint009, May 31, 2013 GMT:
    Only Leica M in US Courts

    Leica M sets the standard of shutter noise in many US courtrooms Read more on LeicaRumors.com: http://leicarumors.com/2013/05/02/leica-m-the-only-camera-allowed-in-many-us-courtrooms.aspx/#ixzz2Usc1f100

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Questions & Answers


How snug a fit should a lens make on M240?

Just acquired a new Leica M 240 to go with a gorgeous used sum micron m 35 Asph. Yesterday, I noticed a very slight "play" in the lens when it is in the locked position. The play is very slight along the shutter axis: you can rotate it back and forth by a millimeter or so even though it has clicked in place. It does not seem to affect the focus sharpness. Is this a serious matter? Or should I just disregard it? I am new to the M and don't have another lens to check against. You answer is appreciated! summicron 35 mm f2, auto everything else. center focus.

5 months ago


It's normal and depends on age and wear of lens. Continue Reading

JDLaing answered
5 months ago

Thank you! That's the answer I hoped for. I was concerned about it letting in the light, etc. It's a relief I don't need to worry about it. The lens is around the 2002 vintage, so it's just the usual w&t. But it's so much like new in every other respect! Again, thanks for the prompt response. Continue Reading

Fgrigorio2222 answered
5 months ago

Hi, way back in my memory, I remember Leica or a reputable lens repairer can adjust the mount & the cam.............. Continue Reading

Wetzlarkid answered
5 months ago



I am about to spring for the M240 w/ 50mm F2 summicron. Should I keep my X2 and use it for wide shots or trade it /sell it to get a wide angle leica lens?? Thanks for the input

Tbrusty asked
3 months ago


Definitely keep it"  until at least 3-4 months into the 240.. The 240's seem to be having a few QC & technical issues.. You don't want to be without a camera.. Continue Reading

Wetzlarkid answered
3 months ago

Dont forget the price of the 240 is going up in a few weeks.  So if that is important then buy now josh Continue Reading

Josh B answered
3 months ago


To Leica or not to Leica

I have been thinking, reading about purchasing a Leica M lately. I have been shooting for the last couple of years with my DSLR and 35 mm and wondered about it for the last couple of months. I know that the results depends on the user more than the camera but I would like to know a bit about experiences with LEICA after coming from a DSLR background such as mine. Thanks a lot! AG-

AG78 asked
1 year ago


My advice, rent a M9 for at least a long weekend and shoot, shoot and shoot with it. The M8 and M9 set new digital camera standards as far as IQ in compact bodies are concerned and the market did not offer any alternatives. But competition has caught up big time and mirrorless systems grew out of infancy status since. So what is left with the M is the unique RF exprience, the Leica gestalt and the superb Leica lenses, all at a very steep price premium. I will continue to enjoy my M9 and am confident that FF Nex and Fuji compatible with M-lenses will be available in the foreseeable future, with electronics and sensor superior to Leica`s. Continue Reading

ekaton answered
1 year ago

There is something you leave behind other than the comfort zone of AF.  You leave behind a lot of gear . . . and that's a good thing.  I can carry my old M8 with lens attached and three extra lenses in a case just a little bigger than a shoebox.  Try to do that with a DSLR and extra lenses. I like DSLRs.  I have a few.  But I enjoy the "Leica experience" more. Good luck on your quest. Continue Reading

gfspencer answered
1 year ago

While your internal checklist may be very specific, what you posted in this thread is generic enough that there are likely several options that cater to someone that prefers to shoot 35mm in a small form factor. If you want a leica buy a leica, just be sure to get a leica lens too unless you buy a vintage lens. I would recommend you consider renting an m9 and 35 cron from an online agency, lens rental, etc. Give it a go for yourself. Continue Reading

Toccata47 answered
1 year ago
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