Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G Lens

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Key Features

  • 35mm focal length
  • 52.5mm equivalent focal length on DX cameras
  • F1.8 maximum aperture; F16 minimum
  • Ultrasonic-type AF motor with full-time manual focusing
  • 58mm filters
  • 0.25m/9.84" minimum focus

Product Description

The AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G is a moderate wide angle prime for FX format SLRs. It uses a Silent Wave Motor for fast, quiet autofocus, and includes one ED and one aspheric element in its optical construction. It's not to be confused with the cheaper AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G, which is for DX format cameras only.


Principal specifications
Lens type Prime lens
Max Format size 35mm FF
Focal length 35 mm
Image stabilisation No
Lens mount Nikon F (FX)
Maximum aperture F1.8
Minimum aperture F16.0
Aperture ring No
Number of diaphragm blades 7
Aperture notes rounded
Elements 11
Groups 8
Special elements / coatings 1 ED glass element, 1 aspheric element
Minimum focus 0.25 m (9.84)
Maximum magnification 0.24×
Autofocus Yes
Motor type Ring-type ultrasonic
Full time manual Yes
Focus method Internal
Distance scale Yes
DoF scale Yes
Weight 305 g (0.67 lb)
Diameter 72 mm (2.83)
Length 72 mm (2.83)
Filter thread 58 mm
Hood supplied Yes
Hood product code HB-70
Tripod collar No


User Reviews

  • Blindphotographer, Mar 2, 2014 GMT:
    two out of five!

    Honestly I haven't been impressed with this one. When comparing image quality and price, it doesn't worth buying at all. Its kinda disappointing to see this much of flaw in a so called FX lens from Nikon! (there is tons of vignetting at 1.8 and so much distortion) I'd recommend everyone to take a look at sample images and seriously give it a second thought if you wanna buy this.

    Continue Reading

Questions & Answers


Nikkor 35mm f2.0 vs. 35mm f1.8 for FX camera

I am looking to upgrade from my trusty old D90 to the D750 at Christmas and I need to update my lens collection. I currently have the the 35mm f1.8G (DX) and I am looking at getting either the 35mm f2.0 or f1.8 as a replacement Has anyone tried both of them and can give a quick comparison? Is the extra $200 (and extra weight) worth it? (My current go to lenses are my 50mm f1.8 and the 85mm f1.8) Thanks!

GliscaPhoto asked
2 months ago


Your lens should be repaired, if you need to use f8 to get sharp pictures. Or you should improve your shooting technique. Continue Reading

Tom Ames answered
2 months ago

I have used 35 f2.0 on DX extensively and I also like it on FX. No complaints. Small and sharp (enough). But if your favorite lenses are 50 and 85 on DX, you'll find 35mm on FX very wide compared to those. Continue Reading

kormendi_adam answered
2 months ago

I really like my 35mm f2D, it's great for everything that doesn't require super sharp corners at larger apertures. My copy has perfect corners at f11, so I would be comfortable shooting landscapes with it. Although, I only use it for people pics, it shines at this. The central sharpness is amazing and it focuses insanely fast on my D610. I got a mint used copy for $200 in my area, a steal for it's capabilities. I couldn't justify getting the new 35mm f1.8g considering what my needs are. It always comes down to what your needs and expectations are. Good luck with your decision. -Cheers Continue Reading

incrediblehark answered
2 months ago


Should i trade my Dx gears and go Full frame?

Hi i was wondering if its worth trading my dx gear for full frame I would be trading D7100 with Nikon 35mm 1.8 Nikon 17-55 2.8 Sigma 50-150 2.8 Nikon 10.5 fish eye 2.8 Nikon 50-300 f4:5 Nikon 40mm macro 2.8 For a D800 , nikon 24-70mm and 50mm 1.8 I shoot all types and i mainly use the 17-55 and 35mm 1.8 often. So is full frame really worth trading my DX family for.

chrizzy asked
5 months ago


I know this will be ignored, but could we see some of your shots so we know whether so-called "FULL FRAME" would make a difference? Usually, it doesn't. Continue Reading

Les Berkley answered
5 months ago

I'd like to hit the like button more than 10 times for the "but could we see some of your shots". 22 hours later and the OP didn't even say a thank you. Continue Reading

gianstam answered
5 months ago

What do you find lacking in the DX gear? Continue Reading

Ido S answered
5 months ago


From prime 35 to 35-70 2.8

Hi guys. I recently sold my beloved beginner D90 and got the D7000 + 18-105 for a fairly good price. I already own the 35mm 1.8G, and was getting lovely results, very happy with it. The thing is, im thinking on selling both 18-105 + 35mm, to get 35-70 2.8. I mainly use the prime for my work (almost 80%) (portraits, landscapes and some street), but not for the focal length, just for the fast f/2. I've already owned the 18-105 and was primarily sitting on my backpack almost all the time. Doing this makes me get closer to the subject by foot, i could really use that extra zoom as long as i keep the f2.8. If i get the 35-70, which has f2.8 (almost close to that f/2 on 35mm), would i notice a huge difference on sharpness or image quality?. I mean, using both on 35mm, f2.8 , is there a substantial difference? Thanks in advance.

Dudamel asked
2 months ago


I would keep your 35mm and not bother with the 35-70. I bought a used 35-70 for my old d90 and found it had very poor contrast. It is an old optical design and while it feels solid it does not have the all important modern coatings and special elements found in todays even cheap lenses. The 18-55 vr is far better for dx and way lighter too. I also got some great portraits on my d90 using a 50mm 1.8d which sells on ebay now for almost nothing and is so light and compact. The 85mm 1.8d gives fab results on a d90 and is also superb on full frame if you decide to upgrade. The 85 is heavier then the 50 but still very compact and much lighter than the 35-70. Both are far better in low light and for bokeh than the zoom. Also I found the push-pull action pretty unpleasant to use on the zoom. Continue Reading

toomuchgear answered
2 months ago

It's not even close. Stick with the prime. The 35-70/2.8 AF-D does three things better than the 35/1.8 DX: 1.) Practically no barrel distortion. 2.) Macro capability at 35mm. 3.) No hotspot shooting IR. For everything else the prime is the hands-down winner. Continue Reading

Tony Beach answered
2 months ago

As people say, forget the 35-70. Get 50mm f/1.8G (better optical performance than the D version) or the D version if money are an issue. Keep the 35! Continue Reading

Ceridan answered
2 months ago

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