Nikon COOLPIX P520 Compact Camera

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Key Features

  • 18 MP 1/2.3" CMOS sensor
  • 24-1000mm equivalent F3-5.9 VR lens (42x optical zoom)
  • ISO 80-3200 (expandable to 12800)
  • 1080/15fps, 30fps, 60i HD video
  • 201,000 dot electronic viewfinder with diopter adjustment
  • 3.2" vari-angle LCD with 921,000 dots
  • PSAM + auto and scene modes
  • Built-in GPS
  • Wi-Fi compatible ( WU-1a module sold separately)

Product Description

The bridge camera-style Nikon Coolpix P520 features the same 24-1000mm equivalent zoom seen in the P510 but has been upgraded with an 18MP BSI CMOS sensor. It's compatible with the optional WU-1a Wi-Fi module, letting you control it from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, and wirelessly share your photos. The P520 will let you have full control with P, S, A, M modes or full auto and scene modes for quick snapshots. Built-GPS logs your trips and shows you nearby points of interest like scenic lookouts and landmarks.


User Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
  • ScreamingRashid, May 1, 2013 GMT:
    Far exceeded expectations

    Bought the camera 2 hours before a concert. Entry requirements were 'no pro cameras' but security interpret this to be no detachable lenses, ie I had to find a compact quickly. Phenomenal performance!! Seated over 100m from the stage, seats bouncing around, difficult lighting that is constantly changing, movement from band members (Black Sabbath) admittedly Ozzie may not be the fastest mover. Unbelievable that the camera could clearly focus on the individual guitar strings! (you can even see ...

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  • Kiong003, Sep 11, 2013 GMT:
    Nikon Coolpix P520

    THIS IS A GREAT CAMERA AS FAR AS FOCUSING SPEED AND ZOOM IS CONCERNED FOR THIS CATEGORY. It would be great if Nikon could improve/enhance the size of sensor :-

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  • Azumi, Jan 14, 2014 GMT:
    Wide to Telephoto pictures

    Have just purchased Nikon P520 and just used camera from open window. Totally love the articulated viewfinder, which is beautifully clear and easy to read. I'm 'happy' with the pictures so far, don't forget the chip is so small, and for the price of just over £220 it's a bargain. Sending just few hand held pictures of the zoom, from wide to telephoto.

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  • MoinMubarak, Apr 10, 2014 GMT:
    Overall a Good Choice for a Novice

    I bought this camera in June last year. Since then I have been using it extensively. Here are a few few things I liked and didn´t like about the camera. Pros: 1. ZOOM. This is most probably the best feature available in this camera. The 42X lets you get really close to the subject. Yea it does have some little focus limitations but overall its really good. 2. Tilt-able display. You can click any angle using it. It even makes selfies so much fun(I usually use my tripod for that) 3. Zoom Speed: ...

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Questions & Answers



Just acquired the Nikon P520 about one week.  I have only used it in Auto Mode, because I am an Amateur photographer.  I have tried taking photos with the Zoom at its fullest and have found that my pictures are not clear, they are cloudy.  Could you please guide me as to how I must get clear photos when using the Zoom lense.

denpressie19 asked
3 days ago


Any camera with a long zoom needs a faster shutter speed as you zoom in on subjects. One rule I have heard is to use 1/focal length as the shutter speed. Try taking a picture zooming in using the shutter priority mode and setting it to a fast speed. Try this on a bright sunny day and see if your pictures are sharper. You can also try using a tripod but for wildlife or birds this often is not convenient. Continue Reading

Loraine Arnold answered
21 hours ago


Just need a UV filter for a Nikon P520

I just bought a refurbished Nikon P520 and ran down to Best Buy to toss a UV filter on it. A quick (obviously, too quick) search on the internet shows it takes a 77 mm filter. I tried it. I tried it with the 62 mm step down ring. Then a 58, a 55, a 52 and a 49. They were all too large. Obviously, something is wrong. The sales rep at the store went online and said he also found it needed a 77 mm filter, then he added that he saw something about a Nikon adaptor ring. Is this some type of proprietary adaptor? What do I need to do to get a UV filter on my Nikon Coolpix P520? Thanks for your help.

1 month ago


As far as I can see, there are no accessories available for this camera and no method of attaching a filter. Continue Reading

Skipper494 answered
1 month ago

I have a Nikon P510 and it does not have threads for a filter. I do believe that is the same situation for the P520. Butch Continue Reading

ButchR answered
1 month ago

I agree with the other posters. Why do you need a UV filter anyway? Continue Reading

Hosebag answered
1 month ago


Can I shoot at the Moon directly?

Question No. 1: I used Nikon Coolpix P520 to shoot some full moon pictures and I got fantastic pictures of the moon showing quite clearly the surface of the moon. But after several shots I couldn't get such images and all I could see of the moon is just bright ball instead of the impact craters. Could the lens or sensor of the camera be damaged by the bright light of the moon when shooting at it? Question No. 2: When I aim at something far using telefocus, like the moon, the monitor shows red grids instead of green grids, does that mean the subject is not in focus, or there's a problem of lens of the camera? Hope someone who has used P520 long enough can provide me with some correct and useful information on these two issues. Thank you.

FiloFotoMan asked
2 months ago


Yes, you can.  Just don't stare at the moon, you might go blind.  That's what happened to Ray Charles. Continue Reading

toomanycanons answered
2 months ago

no text Continue Reading

boogieboogie answered
8 days ago

Hi, I've been trying to have a good moon shoot today but apparently is way to bright and all I get is a big ball of light -I've tried the automatic, manual, scene modes, and I haven't been able to succeed. Any advice or comment will be highly appreciated! Continue Reading

rulasmovil answered
9 days ago

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