Nikon COOLPIX P330 Compact Camera

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Key Features

  • 12 MP 1/1.7" CMOS sensor
  • 24-120mm equivalent F1.8-5.6 VR lens (5x optical zoom)
  • ISO 80-3200 (expandable to 12800)
  • 10 fps continuous shooting (up to 10 shots)
  • 1080 (60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps), 720 (30, 25 fps) HD video (H.264, MPEG-4)
  • 3" LCD with 921,000 dots
  • PSAM plus auto and scene modes
  • Built-in GPS
  • Wi-Fi compatible (sold separately)
  • RAW + JPEG

Product Description

The Nikon Coolpix P330 is Nikon's latest small form-factor enthusiast compact camera. It features PASM exposure modes, raw capture and a larger, (1/1.7in) lower-resolution sensor (almost certainly the same 12MP one found in the Coolpix P7700), without sacrificing what was good about its predecessors - a compact body, relatively fast lens, good build quality, and a useful zoom range. As such it represents Nikon's most serious attempt to offer a real competitor to the Canon PowerShot S110 and its popular predecessors the S100 and S95.


User Reviews

3.625 out of 5 stars
  • Ben Herrmann, Jun 17, 2013 GMT:
    The P330 - Thoughts, Wineries, and Photos

    BACKGROUND INFO Hope you're doing well in your parts of the world. I wanted to take a few moments to pass on my thoughts about the Nikon P330 - a camera that I picked up a few months back. To set up this scenario, Our family often take a variety of one or two-day trips across our State of North Carolina as we try to discover out-of-the-way haunts, fine eateries, various wineries, etc.  As we've long discovered, rather than pursuing a series of trips outside of our areas (or overseas), we've ...

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  • JohanBe, Jul 21, 2013 GMT:
    small but extremely slow GPS and sucks batteries like crazy ...

    I have been trying out my Nikon P330 for a couple of weeks now. Sofar only in day light. Pics themselves look OK. going from my old 6MP to this 12MP seems to make a big difference. so far so good. But one of the strongest reason I but this rather than any other compact camera was the GPS. sadly is not working very well. last weekend it took almost an hour to get a fix whilst walking on a beach (sic!). a friend with an iPhone got a fix in less than a minute on the same beach that day. even ...

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  • Ovid7, Dec 6, 2013 GMT:
    Nikon Coolpix P330 vs Canon S95

    Prior to purchasing the Nikon Coolpix P330 I have been using a Canon S95. I have been happy with the Canon but wished to try something new. The cameras are somewhat similar physically so that traveling with either of them was easy. In the pocket with a cover made from a soft cloth. I have spent a lot of time comparing the two. There are differences. The Nikon has given me a sharper image. The Canon has given me more pleasing color. I'm not sure which camera gives color closer to reality. I ...

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  • Tom Bliz, Jan 1, 2014 GMT:
    So many great features and we love the larger sensor

    Outstanding compact.  First camera of its size that allows me to take great pics inside without flash. I am amazed by the vast options in the menu for customizing pictures.  Very easy to access the various functions too. I love the way the menu has been designed , plus the graphics in the menu are so intuitive.  We compared the P 330 to several other compacts and it was our #1 choice.  If you normally shoot a DSLR, like us, I think you will enjoy using it too.

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Nikon Coolpix P330 by DPReview

Questions & Answers


New P&S for Vacation

My current P&S is a Sony DSC-W80... until I got my iPhone 5S and realized how much better my pictures could be.  But after 6 months with the new phone I know that any picture heavy trips, such as my upcoming trip to Europe, would benefit from a new stand alone camera with modern specs.  It really doesn't seem like I bought the Sony *that* long ago but I guess I did.  It's nice to not be storage space restricted as you would be on a smartphone that is competing for space with apps/music/movies, as well as not spend the day draining the phone battery taking pictures all the time.  I also do a lot of cycling, which the phone is already draining doing the GPS tracking for my bike ride, I don't want to drain it more taking candid pictures of the ride. Looking at my previous vacation pictures I definitely like taking scenery and shots of the outdoors and plant life as well as candid portraits with friends and family.  I really enjoy doing macros in the spring when everything is in full ...

trickycoolj asked
5 days ago


You missed a classic with the ELPH 330, I got what was probably the last one in my town and it was the demo one, for $AU169. See the results here: I would get one with a bit of zoom for travelling as you can't always get near your subject, but apart from the excellent canon SX700 there is not much around. Here is my results from the SX260 its predecessor from my last trip: Brian Continue Reading

brianj answered
4 days ago

It looks like the ELPH 330 is still available on Amazon-US for $240-280 but I see it was originally less than that so I'm hesitant but might go for it anyway. The SX series wasn't really on my radar but I like what I'm seeing in the albums I'm finding with them. Loss of RAW probably isn't going to bother me much. Bummer that they don't have panorama mode but you're right about additional zoom, I recall trips to the zoo thinking if only I could get closer with my zoom!  If I have to have a panorama my 5S would do just fine. I think I need to get to a store and check some of these out in person size wise. I can't really tell if the SX series is "gigantic" or not. I did see the Sony RX100 and HX50 at Costco and didn't find them offensively large (probably because of my vintage 2003 CyberShot). Photos from both the 280 and 700 look great and are reasonably priced, any reason to go for one over the other besides the $100? Really enjoyed your albums and the macros of the iridescent bugs! ... Continue Reading

trickycoolj answered
4 days ago

People have had a lot of trouble with the SX270/280 model due to batteries going flat quickly especially in video mode, otherwise for the few that this didn't happen they are happy with theirs. If I had a choice I would buy another SX240/260 but they are mostly gone now. There is a forum documenting the battery issue here, its up to page 111 now and still no real solution to a lot of unhappy customers. That's a lot for the ELPH330, although it is possibly a bit sharper than the longer zoom SX models and has a slightly wider lens at 24mm. The SX series is about as big and heavy as a large cake of soap, and the 330 is noticable smaller and lighter. Its an extremely capable camera unless you really need the super zoom. You can see the settings I use here, I also don't use raw: Brian Continue Reading

brianj answered
4 days ago


Nikon P330 and Canon S110 WiFi remote control

Hello, I'm considering two cameras. Nikon P330 and Canon S110. I wonder if there is opprotunity to control those cameras remotely by WiFi. I mean if user is able to see live preview of image on PC, tablet or smartphone screen. Like in Lumix TZ40. I would buy this lumix if it has the same image quality like Nikon and Canon but unfortunately it has smaller sensor and I think worse lens because of its super zoom. Could you tell me if there is opportunity to live preview image and take image remotely with WiFi? For me it is compulsory feature if camera doesn't have flipout screen.

Marian Pazwe asked
10 months ago



best settings for sunset time lapse

I'm looking for suggestions for camera settings for shooting a time lapse of a sunset never done this before so i have no knowledge

mikey201 asked
6 days ago


Usually you can find a chart or online reference that gives the time of the sunset each day. At an hour before that time you can start your time lapse image making. Set your interval to 1 minute. After capture your 60 images, create your video clip. I set the display length for each image at 3 seconds. You can also turn off the dissolve between each exposure. Continue Reading

Beezodog answered
5 days ago

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"No registration or "warranty" card is included or needed with a Nikon D-SLR or Coolpix camera. Keep your original, dated proof of purchase from the Authorized Nikon Inc. dealer in case warranty service is ever needed. These products do include either a mail-in form or a paper with a web link to our registration page:
It's advised to register your product with Nikon so that we can send you information about future updates or service issues that may arise.

Nikkor lenses come with a standard one year warranty and Nikon Inc. lenses sold by authorized Nikon Inc. dealers will have a Nikon Inc. Five Year Extension. To register for the five year extension, one copy of the included form must be mailed in as indicated. Keep the Customer copy of the form as well as the original proof of purchase (sales receipt)."

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