Olympus 15mm F/8 Body Cap Lens (Micro Four Thirds Mount)

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It's tiny, and makes small cameras like the PEN E-PL5 or Lumix GF6 truly pocketable. It doesn't really look like a proper lens, either, which can help in situations where you don't want to be noticed as a photographer.”

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Key Features

  • 15mm focal length
  • 30mm equivalent focal length on Micro Four Thirds cameras
  • F8.0 maximum aperture; F8 minimum
  • Manual focus only
  • 0.30m/11.81" minimum focus
  • Micro Four Thirds mount for Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens cameras

Product Description

An ultra-slim body cap and flexible, fixed-focus, fixed-aperture lens in one, the Olympus 15mm F8 Body Cap lens adds a mere 9mm to the depth of your camera. Its fixed-focus design keeps things sharp (ish) from one meter to infinity, and for close-ups, it incorporates a lever to extend the focus range to just 30cm from your subject.


User Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
  • kjh7, Oct 28, 2012 GMT:
    Fun, Economical, and Easy to Use

    Just picked this little cookie up, popped it on my E-PL2 and started shooting. Very surprised with the good image quality this produced. If you are not a pixel peeper, I highly recommend it. It's very simple to use with just a few settings and a slider on the front to focus, although I just set mine to infinity. I took about 100 shots in color and monotone, with various ISO and Shutter Speed settings. I got very nice results from this $50 lens cap. It instantly makes your MFT camera ...

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