Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75-300mm f/4.8-6.7 II Lens (Micro Four Thirds Mount)

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Key Features

  • 75-300mm focal length
  • 150-600mm equivalent focal length on Micro Four Thirds cameras
  • F4.8-6.7 maximum aperture; F22-22 minimum
  • 58mm filters
  • 0.90m/35.43" minimum focus
  • Micro Four Thirds mount for Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens cameras

Product Description

The Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75-300mm 1:4.8-6.7 II is an updated version of its lightweight 150-600mm equivalent telephoto lens for the Micro Four Thirds system. While most of the changes are cosmetic, the lens elements feature the latest ZERO (Zuiko Extra-low Reflection Optical) coating to resist scratches and reduce ghosting. Like its predecessor, this version also includes Olympus' MSC technology which aims to minimize focusing noise during video capture.


User Reviews

  • micksh6, Jul 21, 2013 GMT:
    Layman's review of Olympus 75-300mm II

    Layman's because I don't have much experience with 600mm equiv. lenses on any system, can't compare it with 100-300mm or previous 75-300. I own Pana 45-200mm but I don't use it often. Still, on occasions I use super-tele and I got this lens to have a better tool when I need it. Shortly, it didn't disappoint. The lens seems to be built solid, no zoom creep after a month of light use. Oly 40-150mm zoom mechanism is a bit hard to extend, Pana 45-200m is much easier but it got zoom creep. 75-300 ...

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Questions & Answers


M43: new lens(es) or the e-p5?

Hello there i have a question: would you recommend buying an oly e-p5 or the upcomming oly 25mm (if it's good) and the oly 45mm? Here is my stuff that I already own: oly pen e-pl3 vf-2 14-42mm 75-300mm II Industar 61 f2.8 (fully manual) pentax 50mm f 1.7 (fully manual) Thank you ;) it may all sound stupid, but I was thinking that all you experienced photographers could help me!

2 months ago


You seem to be short on primes, and as many will say, money is better invested in good glass, rather than camera bodies. Cameras come and go, but lenses prevail. So, my advise would be to build your lens collection first, and start thinking on upgrading your camera later. You are talking here about two very high quality lenses, so I wouldn't give it a second thought. Go for them. Another way of looking at it is: What the E-P5 will do for you, that the E-pl3 cannot? Continue Reading

Martin Ocando answered
2 months ago

Simple, get an E-PL5. The money saved over getting the E-P5 can then go towards some lenses. Regards.... Guy Continue Reading

Guy Parsons answered
2 months ago

Yeah, thanks :) lenses are properly the best investment, but I could use some more iq :P im really looking forward to see how the 25mm do in tests. The 2 main reasons for buying the e-p5 is the 5-axis and iq. It can get a little shaky when using my 75-300mm on the e-pl3 (2-axis) thank again for replying Continue Reading

2 months ago


Is this the expected corner performance of Olympus M.Zuiko ED 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 II ?

I just received Olympus M.Zuiko ED 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 II lens, refurbished, directly from Olympus USA.  I got it for a great price thanks to the recent spring sale, but I'm beginning to think that there may have been a reason why it was refurbished in the first place. Top-left corner from a shot at 75mm, wide open.  This is not even the worst corner. This was shot under controlled conditions (tripod, MF, IS off, anti-shock).  It's actually very good in the center, but corners are pretty soft, and they don't sharpen up until f/11 (and even then, only just).  Online reviews indicate that the lens should be tack-sharp corner-to-corner at this focal length, even wide open.  Did I get a bad copy of the lens? I'm thinking of returning it, but I thought I would check first with others who have experience with this lens. For reference, this is the full version of the above shot.

milek asked
29 days ago


A couple of things: - How close is this - many lenses don't perform as well when at close distances - How do you know that you had the lens optical axis perfectly perpendicular to the test target? - Field curvature - did you test with the focus optimized for the center only or did you try adjusting the focus so that the corners where at best focus? Continue Reading

jhinkey answered
29 days ago

Where to they say that the second version has one ED element less? Here are the lens designs as presented by Oly themselves and they are identical as far as I can see: 18 elements in 13 groups, one super ED element, two ED elements, three HR elements. The manufacturer MTF charts are identical as well. http://asia.olympus-imaging.com/products/dslr/mlenses/75-300_48-67/ http://asia.olympus-imaging.com/products/dslr/mlenses/75-300_48-67ii/ Unless Oly provides false information about the optical design of the two versions, that leaves sample variation as the only possibility. Besides, if they had taken away an ED element in the new version, that would lead us to expect worse rather than better performance from that version. Continue Reading

Anders W answered
28 days ago

Hello, I did very similar test shots for all of my lenses, all in all about 12 lenses. The behavior is as expected and is "middle class". There are lenses much worse (take the PL25/1.4 at aperture 1.4 with this target ...) while others are near to perfection (Oly FT 35/3.5 Macro, Oly mFT 75/1.8 or the PL25/1.4 at f5.6). For a 300mm lens your result is not this bad and sending it to Oly will be quite useless. Take a look at my Panasonic 12-35mm tests, while the focal length is completely another story the corner crops are similar to yours (take into account that you did not align the corners, so your pictures are smaller and are expected to show more blur) http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3383965 You can also compare your impression with the measurments at slrgear.com . P.S.: I have test shots for my ex 75-300 Mk1 as well as my 75-300 Mk2. If you want and if I have access to my home-PC I can forward these test photos to you. If you want, send a message to trigger me ... Continue Reading

CrisPhoto answered
28 days ago


Which camera bag for E-M5 kit?

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a good camera bag on a budget - roughly $50. I own an E-M5 with two M.Zuiko lenses: the 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 and the 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 II. Plan on getting a fast prime in the future. I'm leaning towards sling bags. They seem like a nice balance - comfortable and (can be) small, yet (some can) accommodate a healthy amount of personal items. Something like the Lowepro Passport Sling II. It should hold my camera with lens attached plus two extra lenses, and it has a place for a water bottle and other items. What do you think? Does anyone have any experience with this bag?

Ido S asked
4 months ago


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