Panasonic Lumix 14mm f/2.5 G Aspherical Lens (Micro Four Thirds Mount)

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Key Features

  • 14mm focal length
  • 28mm equivalent focal length on Micro Four Thirds cameras
  • F2.5 maximum aperture; F22 minimum
  • 46mm filters
  • 0.18m/7.09" minimum focus
  • Micro Four Thirds mount for Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens cameras

Product Description

The Panasonic LUMIX G 14mm / F2.5 ASPH. features a 14mm (35 mm camera equivalent: 28mm) wide angle and a maximum aperture of F2.5. Comprising six elements in five groups including three aspherical lenses, the lens system offers high optical quality while being highly compact. The inclusion of stepping motor and inner focus drive system means silent, high speed AF - something that is also useful for video capture.


Principal specifications
Lens type Prime lens
Max Format size FourThirds
Focal length 14 mm
Image stabilisation No
Lens mount Micro Four Thirds
Maximum aperture F2.5
Minimum aperture F22.0
Aperture ring No
Number of diaphragm blades 7
Aperture notes rounded diaphragm
Elements 6
Groups 5
Special elements / coatings 3 aspherical elements
Minimum focus 0.18 m (7.09)
Maximum magnification 0.1×
Autofocus Yes
Motor type Micromotor
Full time manual Yes
Focus method Internal
Distance scale No
DoF scale No
Weight 55 g (0.12 lb)
Diameter 56 mm (2.19)
Length 21 mm (0.81)
Filter thread 46 mm
Filter notes does not rotate on focusing
Hood supplied No
Hood product code n/a
Tripod collar No


User Reviews

  • holzmcgyver, Dec 27, 2012 GMT:
    A brilliant lens

    Im more convienced about using this lens, as i thought. The luminosity allows you to shoot photos inside rooms without a Flash, but thats clear. The Point is the brilliant kind of optic, if you take Pictures inside a room, you will see more facets of light, as you believe. Areas of light are not just bright, you will see more increments like in product photos of e.g. a techincal product. So i think you know the lens, cause it makes his Kind of Pictures, which allows you to get conclusion ...

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  • linux99, Sep 26, 2012 GMT:
    Fast Focus - walkaround lens

    Get a lot of use from is as my "everyday" walk around lens. It's wide field of view lends itself to quick "snapshot" style photos of family, freinds and general small event photography. It's super fast to focus and relatively fast, so it's great for bars, clubs etc.

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  • Makinations, Mar 24, 2013 GMT:
    Panasonic Lumix G 14mm f2.5 ASPH Review

    Need a tiny lens that is no better than the kit (any kit) lens and is marginally faster? Then this is your lens. Pros: (1) Size. (2) Focuses faster than the 20mm. (Oh, wait, did I suggest that the 20mm was somehow slower than any other lens on the planet? I'm sure I didn't mean that.) (3) I can make it roll the length of my desk.

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  • jennajenna, Mar 25, 2013 GMT:

    best value m43 lens. period.

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Questions & Answers


A little loss on the Panasonic Leica 14mm

Hi all, my birthday is near and i wanted to buy a new lens for my E-M5 camera, a wide angle one and i wanted to go with the Panasonic Leica 14mm f/2.5 and also the Samyang 7,5mm fish-eye lens. For the Samyang i don't have a problem with it, however i'm a little loss here with the Panasonic because i did find a two versions of it, one that have the version H-H014 and is about 150 euro, and the other has the version H-H014E and is about 390 euro, much twice the price!! I didn't find difference between them in the web, tough i did find that the H-H014 is only present in the product menu of the european version of the Panasonic site and the H-H014E is only present in the australian version of it??? Can anyone explain to me the difference? Can i go with the H-H014 without problem?? Thank you.

11 months ago


Panasonic does not apply the Leica brand name to the 14/2.5, it is reserved for the 25/1.4, 45 macro, 42.5/1.2 and the forthcoming 15/1.7. The 14/2.5 is a 'Lumix G' lens. As far as I know there is really only one version of the 14mm lens. I bought mine off of ebay for 169 USD a few years ago, and they are still available. I'm assuming your 150 euro example is from the same pool of de-kitted examples. I know of no reason to prefer any other version, should it exist. The 7.5 Samyang is also a great lens. I'm sure you'll like both of them. Continue Reading

Steve_ answered
11 months ago

Not sure on the differences, but I do know that it is not a Panasonic Leica, but a Panasonic Lumix. Allegedly there are two versions of this lens regularly for sale, the retail version that comes with the storage pouch, and kit version, typically sold on eBay for low prices, because they are split out from kits. Often, the early GF2, GF3 cameras came with a 14 mm as a standard lens, and typically, but not always, they have a black body, as opposed to dark grey body of many individual retail Panasonic lenses. In it's US website, Panasonic lists it as an H-H014, whereas many non-US sites list the lens as a H-H014E. Probably some marketing designation, but I really don't know. EDIT:  BTW I have a black body kit lens that I got on eBay for about $150, and it is a great little lens, small, light, sharp, and fast focusing, though it does have vignetting as noted in most test reports. Continue Reading

Chas2 answered
11 months ago

Both lenses are exactly the same. The ones sold in kits with, e.g., GF3, had a black lens barrel, while the non-kit versions have a grey band around the base. They are otherwise the same. I have one of each version, and can confirm that they are identical. Continue Reading

Fredrik Glckner answered
11 months ago


Panasonic Lumix 14mm/2.5 II - what's the update

Noted that Panasonic announced an update on the m4/3 prime pancake lens 14mm/2.5, but I can't find anything on what's the actual difference to the original one. Anyone who knows? Is it worth waiting for or should one buy the original one, now possibly going on sale? /Rickard

RickardEB asked
1 month ago


The update is cosmetic.  It looks 'cute' on the GM1, etc.  Fear not, you 14 2.5 is still current. Continue Reading

LMNCT answered
1 month ago

Thanks! Continue Reading

RickardEB answered
1 month ago


Smallest Dicapac for GF3 (with 14mm)?

Does anyone have experience using a Dicapac bag with the GF3 and the Panasonic 14mm lens? The WP-ONE is much less expensive ($13) than the WP610 ($37) I see listed as the proper bag in some locations. But I also see the Dicapac site listing the WP-S3 ($68) as the proper bag... I would totally be willing to use the Olympus 15/f8 BCL if it meant I could just use the much cheaper WP-ONE. (Planning to take the camera canoeing, would prefer something more substantial than a ziploc bag--just in case.)

EGenius007 asked
6 months ago


Never got any dust yet despite the apparent risk! No zooming capability so choose you lens setting wisely. Push buttons work OK, rotary dials are a bit difficult - try to pre-set as much as you can! Of course it has its limitations but it does what it needs to do - it is waterproof and you can take decent pictures you'd would not get otherwise. The biggest thing to remember is to make sure there is no drops of water on the front glass * before * shooting! Continue Reading

wolfie answered
6 months ago

Warranty Information

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