Sony 20mm f/2.8 Lens (NEX E Mount)

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Key Features

  • 20mm focal length
  • 30mm equivalent focal length on APS-C cameras
  • F2.8 maximum aperture; F22 minimum
  • 49mm filters
  • 0.20m/7.87" minimum focus
  • Sony E mount for NEX interchangeable lens cameras

Product Description

The Sony E 20mm F2.8 is a moderately wide-angle pancake prime lens for the company's NEX cameras. The moderately-fast E-mount pancake will offer a 30mm equivalent field of view and adds another compact lens option for NEX shooters.


Principal specifications
Lens type Prime lens
Max Format size APS-C / DX
Focal length 20 mm
Lens mount Sony E (NEX)
Maximum aperture F2.8
Minimum aperture F22.0
Number of diaphragm blades 7
Aperture notes Circular Aperture
Elements 6
Groups 6
Minimum focus 0.20 m (7.87)
Autofocus Yes
Motor type Stepper motor
Full time manual Unknown
Distance scale No
DoF scale No
Weight 69 g (0.15 lb)
Diameter 63 mm (2.48)
Length 20 mm (0.79)
Colour Black
Filter thread 49 mm
Tripod collar No


User Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
  • darkdirtydwarf, Mar 6, 2014 GMT:
    Sony E 20mm F2.8: the lens I always wanted on my NEX camera!

    I've been looking for a better solution to the 16mm pancake to take images of my son at home or on the go when size does matter but quality doesn't hurt. I had the chance to get the SEL20F28 for a good price and pulled the trigger. This lens is available since such a long time that there is not much I can add to the reviews out there from a technical perspective, so I'll try to add my personal feelings to this lens. As I said, technically everything has already been written: it's a good lens, ...

    Continue Reading

Questions & Answers


New lens advice Sony 20mm f/2.8 SEL20F28

I currently use the Sony NEX6 with the Tamaron 18-200 lens. I am looking to purchase a more compact lens to use for landscape and day to day shots. I am thinking about getting the Sony 20mm f/2.8 lens. Any comments or suggestions? Thanks!

fargodog asked
5 months ago


It's a nice lens for most situations, I would reccomend it as it's good on the 16MP sensor of the NEX-6 and couldn't be smaller. If you don't mind a bit more bulk I would also consider the cheaper Sigma 19mm 2.8. But get the new ART version then which has improved AF speed. Optically from what I read they are quite comparable in terms of sharpness, the Sony has a little less CA though. Continue Reading

Zeisschen answered
5 months ago

I have the 20mm and like it. A few images here: Continue Reading

TonyCu answered
5 months ago

Great choice... Very small and light, sharp and flexible. I love it. Continue Reading

j0sh answered
5 months ago


Zeiss Touit

Has anyone here experience of both the Touit 32/1,8 and the Sony 35/1,8? Is the Zeiss glass much sharper? how about autofocus preformance? Which is fastest an most accurate? Any opinion about the Sony 20/2,8? Especially compared to the Zeiis 24/1,8? Apart from the brightness? I´m about to by a Nex7 or a Nex6 that is very cheap in Sweden right now and want to get good glass. Thanks!

CarlAAsen asked
6 months ago


Matthew Durr had a great comparative review of the Sony 35 and Touit 32 here: Diglloyd did one as well with some great comparative pics, though it's a pay site. The conclusion is that the Touit has a clear advantage in image quality (sharpness and contrast), primarily at larger apertures. The Sony 35mm apparently has better autofocus, however. The Touit 32mm autofocus is slow, although not insanely slow. But it's an unforgiving lens, you often can't trust the autofocus because the depth of field is shallow (when wide open) and I find the AF will often focus on someone's forehead rather than their eye. Not sure whether this is also an issue with the 35mm. The 35mm also has OSS, so it's much better for video, and the bokeh from the 35mm is nicer than the Touit (not that the Touit's bokeh is bad). Meanwhile, the 32mm is the sharpest e-mount lens there is, other than perhaps the new Zeiss 55mm full-frame. I ... Continue Reading

MrT-Man answered
6 months ago

I wonder whether it makes sense to throw the SEL35F28Z into the match. You don't save much in money with respect to the Touit and no stabilizer as well, if I'm not wrong; but it's lighter and smaller in spite of being FF. Questions are about IQ (it might be really good on a APS-C, especially for people concerned with borders and corners) and autofocus. It has some minor features such as being dust and moisture resistant - sure, for this to be effective it has to be paired with a similar design in the camera and no current NEX Sony camera body is ... but who knows for the new cameras in 2014? Whay do you think? *** edited to add: of course, you lose 1+1/3 EV of max aperture. Continue Reading

stoppingdown answered
6 months ago

I had similar findings with my second copy of Touit, first had a strange motor noise when camera held facing down and corner performance wasn't great... Tried two more copies that were excellent and faster focusing... Heres a summary... Continue Reading

Section10 answered
6 months ago


Sony SEL20f28 vs. Sigma 30mm f2.8 EX DN

I am a relatively new photographer and have been reading these forums for a while, they are amazing and very helpful.  I had a Canon T2i before I purchased the A6000 and sold my Canon gear.  I also purchased the Sigma 30mm f2.8 EX DN because I love shooting with a prime lens ( I had a 50mm prime for my Canon).  I was originally interested in the SEl20f28 but did not want to spend for it, so I bought the Sigma.  I just purchased the SEL20f28 in the current best buy sale and am considering selling the Sigma and keeping the Sony. I mostly shoot pictures of my 2 year old son running around.  Playing outside, inside, at events, at disney, at the park, etc.  I love the effects I get from a prime lens, the bokeh, and the clarity of the pictures. I also shoot the rest of my family at family events ,holidays, as well as my son playing with his friends. The 30mm has been a fine focal length for me, but I like how small the 20mm sony is.  Would I be making a mistake keeping the Sony and ...

IY asked
2 months ago


Except the Sony 20mm is only $160 at Best Buy right now. It's also more compact. Continue Reading

Ckrappraisal answered
2 months ago

But true!  I got mine!  BUahahaha! So, cheaper than the Sigma, fast AF, more compact... Continue Reading

GaryW answered
2 months ago

The Sony and the Sigma are very close in optical performance. The biggest difference is the focal plane fall-off when using them wide open: the Sony goes soft at the extreme edges at wide open apertures, whereas the Sigma remains sharp. Or, to state this differently, the shallower DOF impacts the focal plane on the Sony more than on the Sigma. Practically, wide open usually means subject in the center. Stopped down, there is little to no difference to be found in most pictures. For the size convenience, the Sony is surely the most interesting lens to go with. Put it on a 3 or 5 model, and you really be amazed at how small the camera gets (belt-clip, not pocket). I think that the Sony will be fine for your intended usage. Continue Reading

blue_skies answered
2 months ago

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