Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX10 Compact Camera

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80% Gold Award
While the 1" sensor isn't huge, it produces photos that are orders of magnitude better than those from your typical superzoom and, especially if you shoot Raw, isn't far behind mirrorless and DSLR cameras.”

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Key Features

  • 20.9 MP 1"-type Exmor R CMOS sensor
  • 24-200mm equivalent F2.8 lens with optical image stabilization
  • Up to 10 FPS continuous shooting
  • ISO 125 - 12800 (expandable ISO 80 and ISO 100)
  • 3" tiltable LCD with 1,228,000 dots
  • Built-in 1.44M dot electronic viewfinder
  • 1080 60p/24p HD video with full exposure control (MPEG-4/AVCHD)
  • Raw/JPEG/ Raw+JPEG
  • Built-in flash and expandable Smart Accessory Shoe for system accessories
  • Eye AF function detects and focuses on a subject’s eye
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC for sharing and remote camera control

Product Description

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 is an ultra zoom compact camera, featuring a 24-200mm equivalent (8.3x optical zoom) lens with a continuous F2.8 maximum aperture, and a 1-inch, 20 megapixel BSI-CMOS sensor. The RX10 uses the new Bionz X sensor (the same as the Alpha 7R/7 full-frame mirrorless cameras), which provides improved sharpness and noise reduction, reduced diffraction, and snappy performance.

Other features include a 3-inch tilting WhiteMagic LCD with 1.228 million dots, SVGA electronic viewfinder, a weather-resistent body, Wi-Fi, 1080/60p video with uncompressed HDMI output, and much more.


User Reviews

4.38889 out of 5 stars
  • Free_man, Dec 24, 2013 GMT:
    My new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10

    So far so good, I've had my Sony DSC-RX10 for about four weeks now and I like just about everything about it, though my only big gripe is that the battery doesn't last very long. I also bought a Vivitar HD3-43 0.43x Wide Angle Conversion Lens with 62mm thread mount and it works well, though there is some slight vignetting, but nothing that can't be cropped out in post.

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  • cgarrard, Jan 4, 2014 GMT:
    After Some Time With a Trial RX10

    I'm a big fan of fixed lens cameras (especially so in the modern era), with my ultimate favorite thus far being the Digilux 2 and LC1 (same camera, different shell). And I use both currently quite often. I love a high quality fixed lens camera with awesome optics, manual controls, and build quality. I'm a sucker for them. Sony's R-1 was an excellent camera, but there were a couple of things that really bugged me about it. The build quality of the body (the plastic body of mine warped in ...

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  • cchen2, Jan 11, 2014 GMT:
    Wonderful compromise camera that does most things most people will ever need

    After I purchased this camera, I sold my DSLR and my superzoom lens. While giving up some in terms of image noise, it makes up for it in sharpness and focusing speed in poorly lit environments. I purchased it at a sale price, and to be honest, I don't know if it would have paid full price for it, but it was totally worth what I paid for it. Love this lens, love the handling of the camera. Can easily handle images up to 3200 iso without a significant drop in quality (to my non-professional ...

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  • SergeyMS, Feb 2, 2014 GMT:
    Outstanding camera

    Pro: excellent IQ (very close to Leica), very bright lenses with minimum distortion, low weight, perfect design and finishing, very reasonable price for this level of quality, in-camera charger. IS work very well at 1/30. Cons: auto zoom - slooow. This is only deficiency. I would prefer manual zoom. AF speed is average (1 sec), but not worse than majority of same class cameras. This is great camera "one-for-all-cases".

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The Beauty of Big Island by Sony

Questions & Answers


A77 vs A6000 for travel

Hello, I was posting in the Beginner forum and they suggested I move here since I've pretty much settled on Sony and you all would know more specifics about Sony than they would. This crosses both A-Mount and E-Mount though so I'm not sure which forum to pick. I am posting in A-Mount simply because it comes first alphabetically :) To avoid too much repetition, that original thread is here: And my photos are here: But in brief, I travel to exotic places (Burma, Ethiopia, Peru, etc) and need a camera to take with me. I am coming from bridge cameras/super zooms and want to upgrade to get better image quality. (People will probably suggest the RX10/RX100 again. I know they're great, but their limited zoom doesn't work for me). I've pretty much narrowed my choice to either: (1) The A77 with the kit lens + Tamron 28-300mm (kit lens for weather sealing/day to day, Tamron for the zoom)

emeybee asked
14 days ago


I moved up from another manufacture's mirrorless system, and before then high - end point and shoot. I can't go back to a small camera body. Yes it's heavier, but that doesn't really bother me. I love the control, stability, and feel of the larger camera bodies Cheap lenses are also a nice perk Continue Reading

someguy50 answered
14 days ago

Even if you get the A77 and 70-400GII you will not get 700mm+ reach so I propose you keep carrying your bridge camera and add something compact for places you don't need great tele but better image quality. A6000 with 16-70Zeiss, A77 with "kit" 16-50f2.8 (not compact anymore but probably better weather seal). That way you don't have to worry about changing lenses. There are rumors that A77II will be out soon. Most people travel with a backup camera anyways so long as they are not super heavy. On a day with long walk or steep climb you can leave the heavy one behind. Continue Reading

FramerDave answered
14 days ago

I have traveled with an A700 (not yet with my current A77) I traveled with the A700 Sony 18-250, Sigma 10-20 and a Minolta 50mm F1.7 At some point I used all of them though the Sigma and Sony got used the most. If you are used to a smaller camera this could be an issue. I also carried a light weight monopod. I print A77 shots now at 8x10 or a bit bigger ISO 1600 with no added NR from what LR 5 applies at the start.. You can get plenty of online and good print shots out of it.. Most cameras and phones can deal with a mist unless it starts to collect on the camera.. The Sony Body has seals good for upto a light rain from what I have seen.. Problem is not many of the lenses are.. The 16-50MM F2.8 is.. but you don't have a lot of reach. If you like to do telephoto.. with the 24 MP you can probably crop well to the equivalent of 150mm and get good web and 8x10 prints easy its about 6 MP..(but the noise above ISO 800 might show more) I have a couple of these just in case.. http://www.amaz ... Continue Reading

K E Hoffman answered
14 days ago


RX10 - How to adjust focus point?

Looked thru post and manul but cannot seem to find how one would adjust the focus point.  Recall on a post or one review someone had  stated was difficult to change on RX10 and that once you took a photo had to go back into the menu to readjust for next shot. I own a RX100 and wondering if RX10 focus point selection works same? When using in autofocus mode in RX10 can you readjust focus point in video? Also have a new Lumix G6 that I am checking out and may return and get a RX 10  but really do like the touch screen functionally for focus area and point selection  the G6; know you cannot do touch screen the RX10 and could live setup like the RX100.   Would prefer to have both my cameras have same menu  system and basic function button layout as I find going from camera to the other a bit confusing. Thanks!

Bernie44 asked
4 months ago


To move the Flexible Spot: (1) Select the Flexible Spot focusing mode in the Focus Area menu. I have set this to the Down Button to call it up quickly. (2) Optional: You can change the size (S,M,L) with the Right/Left Buttons or the upper thumb dial. (3) Press Center Button to OK the selection of Flexible Spot. The Flexible Spot will now glow red. (4) Move the spot around with Up/Down/Left/Right Buttons or the thumb dial/wheel. (5) Press Center Button (or Shutter Button) to finalize focus position. So to quickly move the Flexible Spot, I press ... Continue Reading

bpjod answered
4 months ago

I'm also the rx10 user and it's bugging me so much about quick access to flexible spot. So I figured out that if u set the CENTER BUTTON to standard. If your camera is already on flexible spot focus : you can just press center button one time to access it. I always move my focus point every time I shoot picture on my full frame camera and I knew sony would not let us press the button twice to access this handy feature. So I did some research and I found your post and I followed your steps, then I figured out the STARDARD setting which is so obvious but I couldn't see. If u already know that, I am sorry for wasting your time. Thank you. Continue Reading

Munkproduction answered
3 months ago

Thanks for responding with  the description of how focus point selection and other options work   - exactly what I was looking for. And does sound better plus more flexible than on the RX100. Bernie Continue Reading

Bernie44 answered
4 months ago


Would you trade your FZ200 on RX10?

I tried it today wasn't impressed with RX10, except maybe build quality.

leerob asked
2 months ago


I own an FZ200 and a Sony RX100ii which I believe has the same 1" sensor as the RX10. I have never used an RX10, for the record. I think it's easy to get confused about optical zoom and cropping for "zoom". Optical zoom will for the most part always be better than cropping, especially on a smaller sensor and at any higher ISO's. The RX10 has about 4x the size sensor as the FZ200. See this thread for some info: Within the overlapping optical range the RX100ii, IN MY OPINION, the Sony blows away the FZ200 in IQ, and ISO performance. Great lens on the latter, but it's still a 1/2.3 sensor…. I rarely use the FZ200 at this point unless I need the reach of the lens. When the RX10 came out I thought hard about jumping to that from the FZ200, but instead went for the more compact size of the RX100ii, realizing that for my own use, the long lens of the FZ200 was not the main draw now that I'm not photographing crew races. Samples from this site ... Continue Reading

AndyW17 answered
1 month ago

why. Continue Reading

John Summers answered
1 month ago

Hi Have not tried yet the RX10 because my FZ200 didn't give me a reason to do so :-) Continue Reading

daRRski answered
2 months ago

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