Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 Compact Camera

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79% Gold Award
Our impressions of the image quality are as positive as those about using the camera - the pictures are sharp, colorful and have the pleasant softness that a fast lens can give on a full frame camera.”

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Key Features

  • 24.3MP full frame CMOS sensor
  • 5 frames per second continuous shooting
  • Fixed 35mm F/2 lens
  • ISO 100-25,600
  • 1080/24p HD video (MPEG-4/AVCHD) with manual control and stereo input
  • 3.0 inch LCD with 1,230,000 dots
  • Optional electronic and optical viewfinder accessories
  • Raw and Raw + JPEG shooting
  • Built-in flash with hotshoe
  • Five customizable buttons
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC/Memory Stick Pro Duo card slot

Product Description

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 has the impressive distinction of being the first full frame fixed lens camera to enter the market. That sizable 24.3MP sensor is paired with a 35mm F2 lens outfitted with a dedicated aperture ring. A high resolution 1.23 million dot display is provided, as is an accessory hot shoe able to accept both the FDA-V1K optical viewfinder and FDA-EV1MK electronic viewfinder accessories. A dedicated button stops and starts 1080 HD video recording. Overall, The RX1 is styled similarly to its Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 sibling, employing a control layout with lots of useful dials, including a ring on the lens that sets minimum focus distance and a focus mode dial on the front panel. There are five customizable buttons for the photographer to set as he or she sees fit.


User Reviews

  • becasabot, Feb 12, 2013 GMT:
    Best camera ever (for people like me)

    There are some prerequisites for this camera: 1- You should be OK with a fixed 35 mm. 2- You should be in need of a small camera 3- You should not expect same AF performance compared to a DSLR (not good for action) 4- You should be enjoying a slower paced photography instead of a machine gun style Once you check all those 4 boxes, this is a perfect, incredible and best thing ever created. The manufacturing quality, the image quality, the lens character, the software, the customizability, the ...

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  • edbowman, Feb 9, 2013 GMT:

    This is a real quality camera. I just love to use it. the controls are relatively simple and the lens is of the highest quality. It is a real pleasure to use and has something of the feel and quality of the Leica about it, but much cheaper. Problems: bit slow on focussing

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  • R370, Jan 17, 2013 GMT:

    After a long phase of thinking this purchase over and over, I have decided to buy a RX1. I was in between a Fujifilm X100S - that is announced to come to stores in March - and a RX1. The price difference is huge. This didn't make the decision easier. However, I wanted to have a travel set-up that can substitute my Nikon D700 that I mostly use with a stunning Nikon 50mm 1.4 lens. Because of the size of the sensor of the RX1, this was really the only choice. When I unpacked the camera I was ...

    Continue Reading

  • burnymeister, Jan 7, 2013 GMT:
    Best Compact Camera? Yes and No

    I eagerly awaited this small wonder-camera and enjoyed using it (with the optional EVF) immensely. The 35mm lens is a dream and the EVF is a break-through in that technology - even better than Olympus' EVF finally. At f/2 the camera / lens are the best compact pair money can buy right now. It's when you start using the camera for other things that the camera becomes a bit less interesting. I own the excellent RX100 and when I started using the RX1 for landscapes and at f/5.6 and higher I just ...

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Questions & Answers


How do you check shutter count for RX1?

I tried to search for how to check the shutter count for RX1, but I couldn't find anything working. Some suggested extracting EXIF info would do, but all I got a bunch of irrelevant meta data. I just got myself a new RX1 and I want to make sure if this is brand-new.

rx1234 asked
9 months ago


Why would you think they would send you a used one for? Just curious? I am sure it was probably tested at the QC level and then reset. Continue Reading

cosmonaut answered
9 months ago

I did a lot of searching on this question.  If there is a way to do this, I couldn't find it.  Hopefully someone else has a better answer. Continue Reading

newellj answered
9 months ago

Only way I know is to check the file number. Continue Reading

Hughesnet answered
9 months ago


18200--Wonderfully Versatile--Share Yours

Finally got a warm day outside. Took a walk with my 6 through my local town and, not knowing what I would encounter, slapped the 18200 on there. I really can't get enough of this lens. I remember being so scared to spend that much but in the end, its certainly won me over. I cant remember seeing a thread dedicated to this lens so maybe this could be it? How versatile has your 18200 been? (These are all original silver 18200 btw.) From Macro To Sports To Wide Angle To Portraits To Nature To a Grocery Store Every time I start to dabble in the mindset of a D7100 or an X100S or RX1, I think its this lens that keeps me sticking around. Fixed focal lengths or large cameras just don't do it for me. This lens helps keep me a Nexer.

Tommygun45 asked
11 months ago


NEX 5N with SEL 18-200 and birds of prey Continue Reading

Joachim Wulfers answered
11 months ago

This should be a good thread. I agree, this is a nice versatile lens. This is one I took this am in Bhaktapur Kathmandu.  Golden hour hear really is something quite spectacular - it truly is golden - and I think all the dust hanging in the air has adds to the quality. The second shot I've posted before, but had to do it again as I think it is a cracker. This monkey was at Angkor Wat and after taking this shot, came right up and put its face inside the lens hood. Then its little hands had a feel of the camera. What did I do - stayed still of course as you would if you saw the size of their teeth. I've mentioned before I think I got a slightly decentred copy but I can work around this in most cases. Continue Reading

vajrasattva answered
11 months ago

Ok, if this thread gets revived :-) here is mine of today: Landscape with the 18200 Continue Reading

Dirk W answered
10 months ago


Need some help from you guys【Gear】

Got some trouble choosing pocketable high-end camera.Which is more pleasant to use in real life , RX1 or X100S ? OR should i go for bigger cameras,say,OM-D E-P5 +17 1.8 or Fuji X-E2 + 27 2.8? I REALLY hope this camera could last for several years.

ZedWay asked
2 months ago


... you should go for something smaller. In my opinion, anyway. GM1 ... 12-32 ... Panny 20 1.7 ... Yummy ... Continue Reading

Kim Letkeman answered
2 months ago

Well I have or have used most of those cameras quite extensively. My current arsenal is a RX1, E-M1 and frequent use of an X100s. They are all very different, though none of them are actually pocketable. Not even close, actually. And the X100s is bigger than the is the RX1. So, when you say 'go for a bigger camera' you actually mean the RX1, X100s and X-E2. The only game in town for an interchangeable lens camera is the GM1. Perhaps it is the Sony RX100 II is more suitable? Anyways, this is the greatest link in history for comparing camera sizes: Camera Size Comparison Image quality is a non-issue...I'm guessing they all outstrip your ability. If they didn't, you wouldn't be asking this question. As for pleasant to use...hmmmm. The X100s and is the hardest to use, at least for me. I find it takes more for me to remember what is what and where it is. It does feel nice in the hand, though, and looks cool. I like it better than the X-E1 (no experience with the X-E2), though ... Continue Reading

Dave Sanders answered
2 months ago

on the GM1 isn't the 1/500 second mechanical shutter speed a compromise and serious limitation.? also the slow flash sync? and diminutive size does not lend itself to steady handholding technique for IQ? i read on this forum a peep who owned GM1 said to  just shoot it one handed like a cell phone.  I think not.  ;) regards. Continue Reading

Len_Gee answered
2 months ago

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