Sony Sonnar T* FE 55mm F1.8 ZA Lens (Full Frame E-Mount)

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Key Features

  • 55mm focal length
  • 82.5mm equivalent on APS-C cameras
  • F1.8 maximum aperture; F22 minimum
  • Linear motor autofocus
  • .50m/19 - 11/16" minimum focus
  • 49mm filter size
  • Compatible with Sony full frame E-mount and NEX cameras

Product Description

The FE 55mm F1.8 ZA is a premium 'normal' prime for Sony's full frame E-mount cameras, the A7 and A7R. It can also be used on APS-C NEX models, on which it will offer an 83mm-equivalent angle of view - ideal for 'head and shoulders' portraits. It uses a linear motor for silent autofocus, has a 9-blade circular aperture, and a dust and moisture resistant design.


User Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
  • Zeisschen, Jan 27, 2014 GMT:
    Best lens I own

    I have 3 Zeiss lenses for the NEX APS-C  (12 2.8 touit, 24 1.8 and 16-70 F4) and now the 35 FE2.8 and the FE5 1.8 for my A7r. Others than that I used several older manual Zeiss lenses on the NEX-7 and experimented with some on the A7r as well. To make it short: This lens is nothing short of amazing! It's the best Zeiss lens I have used so far! All the pictures I took with this and the A7r I made wide open have such a high level of crispness, detail, colour and contrast, I don't know how a ...

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Questions & Answers


FE 55mm diaphragm noise when focusing.

I got my Fe 55mm yesterday, I have tested it on my old nex5 (a7r is coming). When I focus (autofocus), the diaphragm opens and closes more or less and make a relative loud noise I have never heard  with other lenses on the nex5 or with an other lens. Is it normal or should I return it for an exchange ?

mermoz asked
1 month ago


like my sel sounds like you's happening, when the aperture is very small, like F8 - F11....during AF, lens goes to F1.8 to collect more light, during this change, you hear it..however, if you're at F2.0-F2.8, which is close to F1.8, you cant hear it...try it and let me know :) Continue Reading

1 month ago

yes it is like you described, when focusing in A mode with aperture set to f2 there is no noise but at f11 the noise gets loud and annoying. I wonder that this happens with a so expensive lens. Continue Reading

mermoz answered
1 month ago

due to interaction between aperture blades,,, i think its quite normal...and believe a lot lenses do the same noise in same situation,,, Continue Reading

1 month ago


Are the new Sony full frame FE lenses compatible with existing NEX cameras?

I'm in the market for a premium lens for my NEX-6, and so am interested in whether I should be buying FE lenses instead now, so that if I ever decide to upgrade to full frame Sony mirrorless in the future (which I think I probably would like to do), I wouldn't have to buy (as many) new lenses again.

cdpinker asked
6 months ago


Yes, FE E-Mount lenses are backwards-compatible with NEX E-Mount cameras. Continue Reading

Laura@GearShop answered
6 months ago

Question, if full frame lenses work the same on crop APS-C sensors, then why do companies like Nikon offer different variants of lenses? i.e. FX and DX lenses, because they're pretty much the same physical size. Why not just make everything FX? Continue Reading

Elite83 answered
6 months ago


Why are the A7's lenses so big?

Regular full-frame DSLRs have large lenses because of the mirror. Rangefinder camera lenses (such as a Leica 35mm f/1.4 Summilux) are much smaller, because of the reduced distance between the lens and the sensor. Then, why are Sony A7's lenses so hefty (and with such a low aperture), considering that they're even closer to the sensor?? Can someone from DPReview explain?

9 hours ago


Leica M 35 is not smaller than Sony FE 35 unless you are thinking thickness (where you just admitted AF will add size). In terms of length, consider the difference in flange: Leica M is 10mm longer. So, Leica M 35 is built with a front element to sensor depth of 74mm, while Sony FE 35 is built for 54mm. Remembet, FE 35 is 36mm long while M 35 is 46mm, plus the extra 10mm due to M mount being longer. Continue Reading

EinsteinsGhost answered
8 hours ago

1. The reduced size of rangefinder lenses is because they don't have electronic aperture control or AF motors. The registration distance to the sensor has little to do with it. 2. Modern photographers don't, as a rule, want non-AF/non-AE/non-OSS lenses. For those who are willing to forego these features, there are excellent modern options from Voigtlander and Zeiss. 3. Optical reality. You want fast lenses, you get big lenses. The extra metal for the "adapter" is largely irrelevant. No one has miniaturized the laws of physics. 4. To put 35mm f1.4 optics into a lens with all the auto-think, you get a big, expensive, limited demand product. DPREVIEW users are a minuscule % of the mass market. By limiting the maximum aperture to f2.8, you get a lens barely affordable to that tiny %. 5. And this is really key - because with FF sensors capable of great ISO 2000 photography, an f1.4 lens is over the top for most users. Check the ISO, focal length, ISO and shutter speed. That's what you ... Continue Reading

Mel Snyder answered
9 hours ago

That is not quite correct. Aside from the electro-mechanical innards and user controls necessary for the commonly-expected AF and electro-aperture functionality, the basic definition of the f-stop (which has a role in determining the entry pupil, and hence front element size) has a role in determining the lens size. What is partially correct is that the long flange distance of dSLRs requires a highly-telecentric, non-symmetrical lens design, which generally do increase lens sizes. However, telecentricity concerns are only part of the equation. The modern, non-symmetrical designs also tend to have better wide-open characteristics. All the FE-mount lenses use highly-telecentric, non-symmetrical designs... for this and for other reasons related to issues inherent to the digital sensor. (The issues inherent to the digital sensor is actually the impetus for the 4/3rds mount system. You can do some reading on that yourself.) Leica, having been a storied brand with many legendary ... Continue Reading

DtEW answered
8 hours ago

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