Sony Vario-Tessar T* 16-70mm F4 ZA OSS Lens (NEX E Mount)

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Key Features

  • 16-70mm focal length
  • 24-105mm equivalent focal length on APS-C cameras
  • F4 maximum aperture, F22 minimum
  • 55mm filter size
  • Metal mount and finish
  • Carl Zeiss T* coating
  • Optical Steady Shot image stabilization
  • Sony E mount for NEX interchangeable lens cameras

Product Description

The Vario-Tessar T* E 16-70mm F4 ZA OSS lens for Sony’s NEX cameras is a versatile, high-quality lens for every day shooting. The renowned Zeiss T* (T-star) coating minimizes glare and ghosting, contributing to natural color and clarity. The 24-105mm equivalent focal length is common among full frame DSLR shooters as a convenient walk-around range. The lens has a constant F4 maximum aperture and circular aperture design, as well as Sony’s advanced aspherical lens technology. Optical SteadyShot image stabilization provides a marked reduction in image blur cause by camera shake, especially when shooting handheld at telephoto focal lengths or in dim indoor lighting.


User Reviews

  • dpmaxwell, Nov 7, 2013 GMT:
    Sony E 16-70mm ZA Impressions

    This is just a quick impression/review of the Sony SEL1670Z. I have had the lens now for about three weeks, and have shot a number of “real world” test type images. This is in no way a professional review, or really even very rigorous testing; I am not a professional reviewer, more of an enthusiast nitpicker. Some people may want to see test charts and studio set ups in order to ascertain the true quality of this lens; you will need to look elsewhere for that. Unfortunately I also do not own ...

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  • Marla2008, Feb 24, 2014 GMT:
    SEL16-70/4 CZ : a real world review

    Ok guys, I know there has been a lot of discussion on this lens ever since it came out, mostly due to three factors : 1) E mount cameras were *cruelly* lacking a better option over both slowish kit zooms (not gonna discuss the merits of those here, suffice to say that after two extensive years of NEX use I had cherry picked a black SEL18-55 and stayed with that for walk-around, having a lot of high quality manual and A mount glass otherwise, and the SEL35/1.8 being the only native E lens I ...

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  • José B, Feb 24, 2014 GMT:

    I absolutely love the sharpness, contrast, color and the bokeh of this lens. It is the perfect range for my NEX-6 not just for travel but portraiture. I spent a lot of time in the long end and it is like getting a prime lens 70mm @ f/4. The most surprising aspect of this lens is the bokeh. Even though it is not a super fast lens, @f/4 it can separate the subject from the background with a tiny bit of 3-D effect. I also shoot with a Canon DSLR system (own the 5DMKIII, 7D and 1DMKIII) and ...

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Questions & Answers


Focal length for ordinary landscapes. Should I go lower than 16mm?

Landscape shots are my favorites. Indeed, I came into photography almost for landscapes alone. However, I was wondering where is the limit between an ordinary landscape shot and a shot with visual effect in mind. Ultra wide angle (uwa) lenses go lower than 18mm and a typical uwa lens is the Sony SEL1018. The question is, do we really need to go below 16mm when not intending to shoot from a special perspective such as low-level view of seashore rocks, plants etc. From what I've seen, going below 16mm starts to give a somewhat "beamed from the center" view of the whole theme. Indeed, 10mm & 12mm give such an evident visual effect. Is there a norm of what the focal length should be? I've already got a Sony SEL1018 but I'm also very interested in the new Zeiss SEL1670Z lens. I was thinking that if 10-16mm are not that essential for normal/typical landscape shots, I would sell the 1018 and get the 1670. Would you do that?

Sol Invictus asked
3 months ago


There is no norm, but as you go wider you have to think harder about the composition. It is easy to get a shot that just looks distorted. Get it right, and the ultra-wide shot can be very effective. And you can always crop if it is too much. One disadvantage is that the wider the lens, the smaller the mountains look. The difference in size between foreground and background increases. Continue Reading

D Cox answered
3 months ago

You've got some excellent photos there. I tend to use the normal to mid-tele range most of the time but of course I am not taking landscapes as such. Continue Reading

120 to 35 answered
3 months ago

It's a personal thing.   24mm FF equiv is plenty wide for a lot of people but I really enjoy the ultra wide almost as much.   The 10-18 in APS-C land gives you the best of both worlds with FF equiv 15-27. Continue Reading

Clayton1985 answered
3 months ago


sel1670z on Full frame and APS-C

My question is if sel1670z is put on a7. Will a7 work the range 16-70 or will be cropped to 24-105? Thanks

droid4kt asked
6 months ago


droid4kt wrote: My question is if sel1670z is put on a7. Will a7 work the range 16-70 or will be cropped to 24-105? Thanks First of all lenses don't change focal length on crop sensors, it will always be a 16-70mm lens. This is an important distinction for what I am about to say (I understand you mean "equivalent focal length"). If you already have the 16-70mm f/4, it will work on an A7/r in crop mode at 10 or 15 MP. But if you don't already have the 16-70mm f/4, it makes no sense to buy one for the A7/r. Buy the 24-70mm f/4 instead for only a little more money. The 24-70mm gives you the same field of view at 24mm as the 16-70mm does at 16mm because you don't have to crop the wide end, however since they are both 70mm at the long end, you could still crop to 105 mm field of view and not lose anything over the 16-70mm. The 24-70mm f/4 is only $200 more, and is only slightly larger and 30% heavier. In this case I would always buy the full frame lens instead of the crop lens.  The full ... Continue Reading

viking79 answered
6 months ago

droid4kt wrote: My question is if sel1670z is put on a7. Will a7 work the range 16-70 or will be cropped to 24-105? Thanks We know it will work in crop mode but I don't think anyone has shown what it will cover in full frame mode. Continue Reading

Clayton1985 answered
6 months ago

My question is if sel1670z is put on a7. Will a7 work the range 16-70 or will be cropped to 24-105? Thanks The sel1670z can be used in with full frame or crop mode. In FF mode, you may achieve wider than 24mm but don't expect it to be anywhere near 16mm. In crop mode expect the lens to cover the 24-105mm range and with reduced resolution/MP. I purchased this lens for use with the upcoming A7r for use in crop mode. My thought was to use this as a travel lens and for snapshots. This will give me smaller file sizes and a smaller lens with good coverage. When I need the best quality I'll attach my Leica lenses (hope they work out) or future Zeiss primes made for this detector. Josh Continue Reading

jng204 answered
6 months ago

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