Tamron SP AF17-50mm F/2.8 Di II LD Aspherical (IF) Lens

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Key Features

  • 17-50mm focal length
  • 25.5-75mm equivalent focal length on APS-C cameras, 27.2-80mm equivalent focal length on Canon APS-C cameras
  • F2.8 constant maximum aperture; F32 minimum
  • Micromotor-type AF motor without full-time manual focusing
  • 67mm filters
  • 0.27m/10.63" minimum focus
  • Available in Canon EF, Pentax KAF, Sony Alpha, Nikon F (DX) mounts

Product Description

The Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F/2.8 XR Di II LD Aspherical (IF) is a good value fast standard zoom lens for APS-C cameras, offering a constant aperture of F2.8 and covering an effective focal length range of 26-75mm. Optical construction comprises 16 elements in 13 groups, and at its minimum focus distance the 17-50mm gives a maximum reproduction ratio of 1:4.5 - not 'true' macro, but usefully close nonetheless. Tamron also makes a newer image-stabilised version of this lens for Canon and Nikon cameras.


Principal specifications
Lens type Zoom lens
Max Format size APS-C / DX
Focal length 17–50 mm
Image stabilisation No
Lens mount Canon EF, Pentax KAF, Sony/Minolta Alpha, Nikon F (DX)
Maximum aperture F2.8
Minimum aperture F32.0
Aperture ring No
Number of diaphragm blades 7
Aperture notes circular aperture
Elements 16
Groups 13
Special elements / coatings 2 hybrid aspherical elements 1 LD (Low Dispersion) glass element 1 XR (Extra Refractive) element
Minimum focus 0.27 m (10.63)
Maximum magnification 0.22×
Autofocus Yes
Motor type Micromotor
Full time manual Unknown
Focus method Internal
Distance scale Yes
DoF scale Yes
Weight 430 g (0.95 lb)
Diameter 74 mm (2.91)
Length 82 mm (3.22)
Colour Black
Zoom method Rotary (extending)
Zoom lock Yes
Filter thread 67 mm
Hood supplied Yes
Hood product code flower shaped hood
Tripod collar No


User Reviews

3.71429 out of 5 stars
  • Meowr, Jan 27, 2013 GMT:
    Excellent Bang for Buck

    When I bought this lense, I was still considering buying other lenses to compliment it, but soon realised that short of buying exotic primes or ultra-wide angle lenses, this lense covered almost all my photography needs.It is a very good alternative to the 17-55 lenses in Nikon and Canon's repertoire at about a third of the price, and it produces stunning results for the price. It's very sharp across the frame when stopped down to about f/5.6 but even at f2.8 it produces very sharp images in ...

    Continue Reading

  • Doru Motoru, Nov 5, 2012 GMT:
    Great lenses

    I say this is the sharpest zoom, and probably the sharpest LENS I have ever tested, at least when at f4 or lower. Contrast and bokeh are nice too, even at 2.8, it fits perfect with K-5, autofocus works fine and quite fast and, yes, it's noisy, but no one died so far because of this. One more thing...it costs about 40% of Sigma 17-50mm, f/2.8 Problems: Plastic body looks cheap...

    Continue Reading

  • Sergeg, Sep 17, 2012 GMT:
    Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F/2.8 XR Di II LD Aspherical (IF)

    This is a solid performer with good contrast and color rendition, resolution is impressive wide open and by f4 is outstanding. Focus speed and noise are more than acceptable. The most impressive characteristic I noticed straight away, is the superb control of flare, or almost totally absent at wider apertures when shooting into the sun. This is quite exceptional compared to any lenses I have used and very desirable for landscape work. Problems: I don't know if it is just my copy, but I have ...

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  • DAVID MANZE, Sep 4, 2012 GMT:
    Great Optically FF at apertures F5.6 or above at under 3 mtrs

    Great Optically Problems: Quirky AF problem under 3 mtrs at F5.6 or above

    Continue Reading


Questions & Answers


[UK/EU] Interest Check: K-5 + 2x Tamron Lenses

Ahoy! I have a very nice set of items which includes a boxed (like new) K-5 body with low actuations, Tamron SP AF 17-35mm F/2.8-4 Di LD (IF) Aspherical (unboxed with caps hood) and a Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F/2.8 Di-II XR LD (IF) Aspherical (boxed/immaculate).  I'm thinking of listing as a bundle, but possibly as separates (I haven't decided yet).  Anyone in the UK/EU interested in these items as I'll either list them in the DPR classifieds or other private classifieds/evilBay/Amazon. I'm running both A and K-Mounts, but glass for the A-Mount is substantially cheaper like-for-like compared to K-Mount.  Anyway, if nothing else, it's just some heads-up.

Calico Jack asked
4 months ago


FWIW, the bundle has been listed on the DPR classifieds here . Continue Reading

Calico Jack answered
4 months ago

Tamron 17-50/2.8 + Kenko UV filter have been sold (see above link), though the K-5 and Tamron SP AF 17-35 Di Aspherical lens are still available either as a package or separates. Continue Reading

Calico Jack answered
4 months ago


Sony 16-50 f/2.8 vs Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 for A77

Actually i have the Tamron 17-50, and it works beautifuly, it's almost all the time on my A77. But in my country, the Sony 16-50 is selling for $500 new, and i can sell my tamron in $380; so for only $120 i can "Upgrade" to the Sony. I like the weather sealing and SSM of the Sony, also the 16mm vs 17mm it's welcome, because i use my tamron mostly for astro, landscapes and social photos (Here are my photos with the Tamron https://www.flickr.com/photos/biovipah/sets/72157642161320685/ ) Do you think it's a worth upgrade? The 16mm f/2.8 is critical for me, it's sharper than the Tamron? Thanks!!

BioVipah asked
5 months ago


. Go for it !  Good opportunity to get the 1650.  A77 has built in correction profiles for this lens. 1650 f2.8 is my workhorse.  I'm so thankful for this lens ! . Continue Reading

doctorxring answered
5 months ago

Do it, I did and have not used the tamron since. Continue Reading

JimmyMelbourne answered
5 months ago

I had both when I bought the A77 and 16-50mm kit and tested them. There was really nothing in it between them.  At all focal lengths I doubt you'll see much centre sharpness improvement over the 17-50mm, perhaps a little at 50mm, but tiny amount.  You might get better corners on the 16-50mm though. In pure sharpness terms the 16-50mm is not worth the difference, the 17-50mm is a VERY good lens.  What you'll gain is the SSM for almost silent AF operation and weather sealing and it is those that I swapped to the 16-50mm for. If you are hoping to see an improvement in sharpness, I believe you will be disappointed. Continue Reading

eddiewood answered
5 months ago


Weather proof

I have a tamron 17-50 and the Nikon D7100. I know that the D7100 is fully weather resistant, more than the D800, but will that pair hold on extreme weather? I'm not sure how durable is the 17-50, so will heavy rain or snow ruin it?

Bharel asked
1 year ago


I'm not familiar w/ Nikon, but even assuming bother body and lens are weather sealed, they aren't for taking pictures in extreme weather/strom or even rain.  The fully rugged body like D4 or 1D series pn Canon are ment to take more extreme temperature, still not rain.  At a minimum I would get a rain cover, they are expensive usually less than $100.  Even plastic bag will protect your gear better than shooting unprotected in the rain.  Generally when the manufacturor said weatherproof it just mean it will take some sprinkling.  If you felt that you have to take cover yourself that is pretty much mean your gear need extra protection also. Continue Reading

Freeman-Jo answered
1 year ago

As far as I know, the Tammy is not weather sealed.... so it does not matter a whole lot if the d7100 is. Continue Reading

pixelless answered
1 year ago

The Tamon 17-50 is definitely not weather sealed.  Learned that the hard way on a boat in the middle of the Caribbean. :-| Continue Reading

Rudy_from_Canada answered
1 year ago


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